game camera – Moultrie M 880I 2017

The Moultrie M-880i has all the features of Moultrie’s popular M-880, plus an invisible infrared flash. The flash, coupled with a quick trigger, makes the M-880i a solid game camera.


This game camera has a 50-degree field of view, which is about average among the trail cams we reviewed. Its maximum flash range is 70 feet, which is a step behind other top trail cams.

The M-880i’s detection zone is sufficient for most hunters’ needs. It has a detection range of 50 feet and a detection angle of 50 degrees. This was a standard detection zone for game cameras a few years ago, but now, with more cameras in this price range having bigger zones, it’s a bit smaller than the competition.

The camera has an excellent trigger speed of 0.8 seconds. This is quick enough to capture even animals that are running past your camera placement at full speed. The M-880i’s standard recovery time is five seconds, but it has a well-designed multi-shot mode that allows it to take up to three shots quickly. The camera will sense movement, trigger the first picture and then stay in a readied state in which the recovery time is only 1.5 seconds. Multi-shot modes like this often result in some of the most interesting photos, as you get to see the animal in different stages of movement.

The best feature of the M-880i is its invisible infrared flash. While the other wildlife cameras we reviewed emit a faint red glow when they’re taking images at night, the M-880i’s flash is invisible to humans and animals. This is useful because occasionally an animal will see the red glow and stare directly at the camera for the next shot, robbing you of a candid image and possibly discouraging the animal from returning to that spot. An invisible flash is also useful if you choose to use the M-880i as a home security camera, because potential intruders won’t know they’re being filmed.

The M-880i has a power input jack, so you can plug it into a solar panel or external battery pack. This feature proves especially useful if your residence and your hunting property are far apart and you don’t want to have to change out the batteries every few months.

The camera is patterned in Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage, one of the most trusted patterns on the market, so animals or people will have a hard time seeing it hanging on a tree. This camouflage and the invisible flash make the M-880i the best choice among cameras we reviewed to be used as a home security camera.

The Moultrie M-880i is one of the best-selling game cameras on the market because it provides essential functionality at a fair price. Its flash range and detection zone are not elite among trail cameras we reviewed, but they provide a level of performance that will satisfy all but the most discriminating hunters.

logo design software – LogoDesignPros

LogoDesignPros is a logo design service with seven packages that range between $95 and $1255. There are often promotional offers as well. The array of choices helps you balance your organizational brand needs with your budget. You can choose everything from a basic custom logo to a package that designs your organization’s entire online presence.


The most basic package has three logo concepts for $95, which is comparable to other starter packages in the same price range. However, this starter package includes unlimited revisions and stationery design for letterheads, envelopes and business cards. The next package, called the Startup, offers six logo concepts designed by four logo designers for $155. It also includes stationery design, which includes five revisions.

The most popular package offers 10 logo concepts made by five designers. However, in addition to including stationery design, this package includes a two-page website design for $375. It’s rare for packages in a similar price range to include website design. The next four packages each offer unlimited logo concepts and unlimited revisions by eight graphic designers. The difference in these packages rests in the number of pages included in the website design and additional services like domain hosting, search engine submissions and social media page design.

With 737 logos to view, the LogoDesignPros portfolio is one of the bigger portfolios we reviewed. It’s broken up into 45 themes, which allows you to easily find organizations similar to yours so you can get an idea of the quality you can expect. Taking a critical eye to the portfolio is important because your logo will be the face of your organization ??? you want to make sure you’re impressed with the designs in the portfolio.

In addition to stationery and website design, LogoDesignPros can develop apps and games. You can have apps developed for iOS and Android, Facebook and more. With the growing prevalence of smartphones and tablets, having an app for your company is a fantastic way to develop brand identity and increase revenue. LogoDesignPros is the only logo design company we reviewed that offers this service.

The support system at LogoDesignPros is impressive. There’s 24/7 phone and online chat support. In addition, you can speak with your project manager and graphic designers via Skype. This allows you to communicate face-to-face from anywhere. There is also a blog section, which acts as an educational resource so you can learn what makes a good or bad logo. The blog also discusses ways to develop your organization’s brand recognition and brand identity.

The biggest flaw with LogoDesignPros is the copyright for your logo costs $99. Every logo design firm we reviewed offers copyright transfer at no cost. This should be automatically included with every logo design purchase.

In addition, LogoDesignPros advertises a money-back guarantee on the homepage, but the actual policy requires a 10 percent service fee ??? no matter what. If you request a refund before receiving your initial concepts, you only have the 10 percent subtracted from your refund. If you request a refund 48 hours after receiving your initial concepts, the refund drops to 66 percent, not counting the initial 10 percent service fee. After 48 hours, the refund drops to 33 percent, also not counting the service fee.

LogoDesignPros has a wide range of packages with services that can include affordable basic logo design packages to packages designed to develop your online presence. The app and game development service is unique for a logo design company. However, you’ll have to pay a $99 fee to have your logo copyrighted and the money-back guarantee carries more stipulations than advertised.

meat slicers – Maxi-Matic, 2017

The Maxi-Matic EMT-503B Elite is a consumer-grade meat slicer that is great at slicing any kind of food for parties, dehydration or any other reason. It produces even slices without the motor or blade seeming labored. It is packed with safety features and easy to disassemble for cleaning. Additionally, it is backed by multiple great customer service options. This model earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.


With a 130-watt motor behind it, the Elite had no issue producing consistently even, visually appealing slices of all food types. The blade did not slow down, nor did the motor sound labored, even when we sliced mozzarella. All food we sliced came out even, and there were no jagged edges. Additionally, it is really easy to clean; it takes only a few seconds to detach or reattach the blade. The carriage is permanently mounted to a bar, so you can’t fully remove it for cleaning, but you can tilt it outward over a sink to clean it and the area underneath it.

The blade is constructed of stainless steel and has a diameter of 7.5 inches. It has serrated edges that make it capable of cutting through tough meats and breads without destroying the crust. You can also adjust the thickness of the slices at any time. The adjustment knob is located behind the carriage area and can go up to half an inch thick. It is numeric, so you should set it to a smaller number if you want a thin slice or a larger number if you prefer a thick slice, or you can gauge the thickness by sight. The device’s lock feature prevents the blade from moving when you don’t want it to, which helps make it easy to remove and manage.

This food slicer weighs just 10 pounds, making it the lightest unit on our lineup. It measures 15 x 9 x 11 inches and is less bulky than most other units we reviewed. It has a black matte finish, which gives it a modern look that can blend in with modern appliances and most kitchens’ decor. The blade housing is not as bulky as it is on some other units, making it easier for just-sliced foods to pass through and fall out onto a plate.

As we tested it, this slicer consistently felt very safe to use. Its rubberized suction-cup feet helped it stand still on the countertop while we sliced, never once moving around or compromising our safety or an even cut of food. The housing around the blade feels sturdy. It’s also the quietest meat slicer that we tested, emitting just 61 dB while turned on, which is an advantage if you can’t handle loud noises.

For added safety, it has a recessed power switch, preventing the slicer from accidentally turning on. The opening is large enough for you to reach it, but it’d be difficult for it to bump or catch on something. While slicing, you can keep your hands at a safe distance from the sharp blade thanks to the hand guard that doubles as a food pusher. It has small spiky grips that hold the food for you and push it toward the blade, preventing it from slipping because of the fast-moving blade.


The unit is backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty, giving you plenty of time to enjoy using the slicer free from worry about defects. You can check out the FAQs section on the company’s website as a resource if you have questions or are curious about the product. The website is easy to navigate, and all contact information is at the bottom of any page. You can contact its customer service department via email or telephone, whichever is more convenient for you.

The Maxi-Matic EMT-503B Elite meat slicer smoothly slices through any food you present it with. It has a powerful motor, and its serrated blade easily tackles tough meats and breads and leaves behind even slices, whether thick or thin. It’s extremely easy to use and just as easy to clean. It is the quietest unit we featured, and its modern look and multiple customer service options are more reasons why it can be a great addition to your kitchen.

Warranty & Support


list broker services – That List Lady 2017

That List Lady is a mailing list broker company that can help you find an ideal list for your specific business. This company offers a variety of list types, including targeted lists and response lists. It also provides a variety of additional services, such as merging and purging lists, email marketing, data entry and more to help make your job a little easier.


This list broker service offers compiled and response mailing lists, and it has the resources to recommend and find the perfect list for your specific business. It has access to more than 40,000 business and consumer lists, which means you have plenty of options available. Additionally, when you work with a list broker such as That List Lady, experts will recommend a list that has the most potential to be successful and not just any generic or outdated list they stumble across. However, one drawback to using this mailing list service is that it does not offer any international lists.

That List Lady offers several additional services to make your mailing campaign run a little more smoothly. You can merge and purge mailing lists using this service. Data entry, data preparation and postal presorts are also available.

If you wish to reach a representative from this mailing list service, email and telephone options are available. There is no live chat support for immediate online assistance from representatives. We also could not find any online resources such as FAQs, videos or articles regarding this company???s services. Such resources would help you find answers on your own without having to reach out to representatives.

That List Lady is a worthwhile option for finding a mailing list to reach potential and current customers. The company provides a variety of list types and many additional services that make it stand out when compared to similar companies. That List Lady has much to offer, whether you are targeting consumers or businesses; it is a mail broker service that is well worth your consideration.

mobile device management software – 2X MDM, 2017

2X MDM was created to give you control over corporate data on your company’s mobile devices. This software allows you to see into both company- and employee-owned mobile devices, so you can make sure your employees are complying with your company’s security policies and protecting company data. This mobile management software can be used by Android and iOS operating devices.

There are a number of features integrated into the 2X MDM platform. One feature gives you the ability to divide devices according to the device owner’s department or by the type of device. This allows you to look at all of the tablets at one time, for example. Any policies you set up can be applied to the group of devices or owners that fall into that category. App management is available through this MDM, so you can monitor for inappropriate applications and then whitelist or blacklist apps as you see fit.

2X also gives you remote lock and wipe capabilities. These allow you to quickly protect a compromised device from third-party access when you don’t physically have it in front of you. You can choose to erase data from the device or change the password, making it inaccessible to anyone but you. Even before you encounter data-compromising situations, you can set up means for enforcing strong password policies across the board. That way, you don’t have to go on a device-by-device basis to apply these standards.

Another benefit of this mobile device management software is the ability to set up location tracking. You can keep track of every mobile device on your network and store a comprehensive history of their locations. You can even trace connected mobile devices and refine your tracking parameters based on your preconfigured settings. You can keep this log of locations for office hours, so you know where and when your employees have been out in the field.

2X MDM provides you with visibility and monitoring capabilities for your workforce. It can help you save money and minimize risk from employees who rely on mobile devices. You can leverage some of the tools to protect privileged information and increase your representatives’ capabilities by using the location tracking. If you’re looking for a means to better monitor, track and protect your employees’ mobile devices, 2X MDM is a viable option.

motorcycle parts accessories – Motorcycle Giant

Motorcycle Giant is a superior website for online motorcycle part shopping for many different reasons. They offer their shoppers a great selection of parts and accessories for all types of motorcycles, and provided shoppers with plenty of special perks to boot. The site is also very easy to use and navigate, making it one of the best places online for motorcycle parts shopping.

Features /Accessories

Motorcycle Giants offers a plethora of accessories for you and your motorcycle. They feature all the top brands of apparel, security accessories, helmets and footwear to making it a great place to get outfitted for a great ride. In addition to the great number of accessories, the site also has a bunch of great features to make shopping on the site all the more rewarding. They offer free shipping on orders over $95 as well as free international shipping on orders over $999. You can also follow updates and news on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Another cool feature is that the offer translated pages in a number of different languages, further adding to its international appeal.

Motorcycle Giant offers a strong selection of OEM and aftermarket parts for your motorcycle and off road bike or ATV. For OEM parts, the site has many top brands available including Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki. For aftermarket parts the site offers all the top brands including Fox Racing, Shoei, Joe Rocket and Thor, just to name a few. The site offers everything you could want in great selection of parts and accessories. Whether you???re looking for tires, engine parts or simply some grips or a new seat, the site is sure to have what you???re looking for at a great price.

The site is very easy to use making it one of the best around. It provides its shopper with a number of different ways to search for your product. You can browse any of their many departments or just see what products are available from their top brands. They also allow you to search for products by the specific make and model of your bike. The site also offers a filter for price allowing easy shopping according to ones budget. With all the different avenues for finding you product made available by the site making it a breeze to shop, even for the newest of newcomers to online shopping.

Motorcycle Giant offers a number of different ways in which its customers can receive support from the site. The best feature is its available on-line chat service allowing shoppers to chat directly with a customer service representative in real time without ever leaving their computer. Like most other sites, Motorcycle Giant also provides all the standard means of support that one would expect from a quality website including e-mail and phone contact information. Lastly the site offers a feature called a sizing chart which will help ensure that any protective gear you might buy will fit correctly due to individual manufacturers using their own standards for sizing items. With all this help and support getting the information you might need should be no problem, further adding to the functionality and usefulness of the site.

All in all, Motorcycle Giant is a great site for motorcycle parts and accessories. The site is easy to use and features a number of great perks to make you want to keep coming back. They also offer some great OEM parts for many of the top manufacturers of street bikes and plenty of aftermarket parts for you motorcycle as well. In addition to their great selection the site also provides great customer service making it one of the best around, but don???t stop your shopping here. There are plenty of other great sites available to shop for online motorcycle parts too.


Ease of Use

Help & Support


hair dryers – Andis 2017

The Andis 80510 is a 1,875 watt hair dryer. This blow dryer is more basic than many similar products, but it still provides enough power to dry your hair in a fast amount of time. It features two speed options and a cold shot button. It also comes with two attachments and a long five-year warranty.


One of the standout features of this Andis blow dryer is its power. This device features 1,875 watts, which provides plenty of power for all hair types. It is also the average number of watts you will find available on this type of device. Furthermore, the Andis 80510 features two speed settings: high and low. It has only one main heat setting. However, there is a cool shot button that allows you to blow cool air on your hair to prevent overdrying and help lock in your style.

This hair dryer???s design is nothing extraordinary. It features a DC motor and weighs just under two pounds. The power cord is six feet long. This is one of the shorter power cords we saw on this type of device. Many of the best products feature a power cord that is at least eight or nine feet long.

There are two attachments included with this blow dryer. The concentrator attachment allows you to direct airflow to one area of your hair. It also allows you to easily style your hair as you dry it. Additionally, this device comes with a pick. We would like to see a diffuser tool included with this blow dryer, which would make this device even more appealing.

The Andis 80510 is covered under a five-year warranty. This is one of the longest warranties we saw on this type of product. Many similar products are only covered for one to two years. If you have any questions or concerns about this product, you can reach a representative via email and telephone support. We were greatly impressed with the support from Andis, as they responded to our multiple inquiries quickly and in full detail.

This blow dryer provides plenty of power to dry all types of hair. It has two speed settings and a cold shot button. It also features a five-year warranty, which is outstanding. It does have a few drawbacks including a short power cord, a basic design and limited heat settings. However, if you simply want a blow dryer that can quickly dry all types of hair, the Andis 80510 will not leave you disappointed.

memory foam mattress – Sealy Optimum Inspiration 2017

The Sealy Optimum Inspiration 11″ marks a special line of gel foam mattresses for consumers seeking to experience memory foam mattresses without all the heat issues. Due to the gel inserts and the technology used in constructing this mattress, Sealy has succeeded in creating a very comfortable mattress.

One issue that many memory foam mattress reviews mention is heat absorption. The foam in these mattresses is treated to react to body heat, which is how these beds contour themselves to the shape of your body. The issue with this is that these mattresses tend to absorb heat, which can make the bed feel uncomfortably warm.

The Sealy Optimum Inspiration 11″ combats this common problem with its gel inserts. The gel foam is fused with OutLast technology, which is which is among the most effective materials at cooling a mattress and dispersing body heat. Sealy’s OutLast technology helps balance the dispersal of body heat by absorbing, storing and releasing it when needed. The gel activates based on the surrounding temperature.

Due to the inclusion of gel memory foam, the makeup of the Sealy Optimum Inspiration 11″ is different from the rest of the best memory foam mattresses. Its three layers include a 2-inch layer of OptiCool Gel Memory Foam, a 3-inch layer of OptiSense Memory Foam and a 6-inch layer of Sealy foam core with OutLast OptiCool.

The Sealy Optimum Inspiration 11″ comes with an expected 20-year warranty with in-home service. This warranty is limited and only provides replacements when body indentations become permanent in the mattress to a specific depth ??? typically an inch and a half.

Memory foam mattresses work best for individuals who sleep on their sides or back, offering thicker layers of padded foam that equate to 30 percent more cushion than traditional mattresses. The design of the Sealy Optimum Inspiration 11″ foam mattress gives more support and conformability than plush firm mattresses, giving it an overall softer feel.

The best memory foam mattress reviews take careful note of the benefits of gel foam and how it handles heat absorption. If you live in an area that is hot regularly, you’ll want to consider the Sealy Optimum Inspiration 11″. It combines the comfort and support of a memory foam mattress with the heat dispersion of gel foam to ensure cooler, restful sleep through the night.

learn russian software – 101 Languages of the World

The learning software 101 Languages of the World contains the same lessons for over 100 languages. Not only can you learn to speak Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian or Japanese, but also less-common languages like Icelandic, Esperanto or Swahili. English and non-English speakers alike can learn Russian with this software.


Although the interface looks a little outdated, the navigation is easy to figure out. The interface is divided into five tabs: theater, reading, activities, pronunciation and conversation. Each tab contains different activities to exercise a different aspect of your language skills. The theater tab uses images and text with Russian words. As the words appear on the reading screen, you associate the image with the word. If you like games, the activities tab is where you’ll spend most of your time. The interactive games include crossword puzzles, word dictation, plug-and-play and unscrambling games.

The reading tab caught the most of our attention. This section gives you a segment, word and phrase meaning as the software reads aloud. We found it hard to follow both Russian and English at the same time, and the robotic narrator makes it tricky to stay engaged. Most of the subjects involve travel and getting around in a Russian-speaking country. While this is a great way to acclimate yourself to Russian pronunciation, you won’t learn to read Cyrillic from this section. All the words are Romanized and spelled phonetically. So, instead of the Cyrillic spelling, you may see ZsDRAss-vOY-chA. While this is a definite disadvantage if you want to read Russian, the capitalized stresses help you learn spoken Russian.

The software also has a full vocabulary available to teach you 1,500 to 5,000 extra Russian words and phrases. You can find grammar and mechanics help to learn concepts and terminology. The Grammar Window provides additional examples to the ones you see in the software for items like parts of speech, sentence structure and gender conjugations.

The Russian language software in 101 Languages of the World is an awesome product for globetrotters. Not only can you learn Russian survival phrases for getting around, you can also learn other common and uncommon languages. Because this program supports so many languages, though, you won’t get an expert course for any of them. You get some grammar and mechanics help with this program, but it’s not a stand-alone product if you want to learn Russian reading or writing.

hotel booking services – 2017

It doesn’t take magic to book hotels online, but Orbitz has some tricks up its sleeve to help you find hotels nearest the locations that interest you. The map listing and area sorting options help you avoid accidentally booking an almost perfect hotel that is 15 miles from your destination. You can view potential hotels pinpointed on a map of the city, putting you close to anywhere you plan to visit. You can also sort hotels based on areas of the city, like city centers or suburbs, without viewing a map.


If distance isn’t an issue during your stay, you can also sort hotels by star or reviewer rating. Guest ratings and reviews give you a better idea of what to expect from people who have experienced the lodging first hand. Amenities are also an important factor when booking a hotel, especially if you’re travelling with pets or children. Search options include amenities like non-smoking rooms, pet friendly accommodations, spas, pools and Wi-Fi. With each sorting option, Orbitz shows the number of hotels that fall under that specific category. Orbitz isn’t focused entirely on hotels, allowing you to also book vacation necessities like flights and rental cars. Because of this, the website is missing some important sorting features. For example, you can’t sort based solely on price or accessibility features., like other hotel booking sites, lists individual rooms below the important information. In each room description, you can see the price, number of beds, smoking policy, cancellation policy and the number of Orbitz Rewards you can earn with each room. These details don’t list occupancy per room, however. As one of the few sites with sharing, you can post the hotel details on Facebook if you’re planning on going on a group trip. You may not settle on the first hotel you find on Just in case, you can find recommended hotels nearby the one you’re viewing. In addition to providing information on other nearby hotels, the hotel details list proximate points of interests and policies like check-in and checkout times.

The booking process is short and allows you to customize your preferences up until the last minute. You are required to provide standard information like name, country and phone number. Although there are no sorting preferences for disabled guests, you can ask for an accessible room upon checkout. When you’re done booking a hotel, the website will send you a full email confirmation for your records. provides countless options for flights, rental cars, cruises, vacation packages and of course, hotels. However, because this site doesn’t focus specifically on hotels, it is missing some important search and sorting features, like sorting by price and accessibility features. You can still find a stellar hotel when you sort by guest rating or proximity to your destination.