learn japanese software – Learn It Now Chinese & Japanese

The Learn It Now Chinese & Japanese Premier program is an amalgam of the Learn Chinese Now and Learn Japanese Now software from Berlitz. This learn Japanese software offers an interactive language learning experience and provides affordable Japanese lessons for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. It includes Mandarin lessons as well, but this neither aid nor detract from the Japanese lessons.


This Japanese teaching software has many of the same tools that you???ll find in most Japanese Learning Suites; the only difference is the learning curve at the start, which seems to be a little steep for a beginner. This can be seen as a bonus, however, because it forces you to give your all to the process of learning Japanese. Its video lessons have native speakers and personnel, allowing you to get an even better feel of correct culture and pronunciations. The vocabulary tools and word recognition activities are numerous and thorough, with a large arsenal of words to back you up in your learning process.

While learning with this program, you will find yourself learning topics necessary in everyday life. These topics include things such as travel terms, numbers, money management, meetings and greetings, and asking for directions. After completing the program, you will find yourself able to immerse yourself into Japanese culture without feeling like a complete outsider.

Learn It Now makes it easy to perfect your accent by playing interactive games, which help you not only recognize advanced Japanese speech and correct pronunciation but to have fun while doing it. This program contains an array of interactive games to help you retain vocabulary in a more effective way than simply reading flashcards would.

One of the most prominent downsides to this language-learning program is the fact that it does not include resources for teaching the Japanese alphabets effectively. All instruction is done in Romaji, which is the language converted into the Roman alphabet. This means that while you???ll be able to speak well, you probably won???t be able to read it.

On the positive side, Learn It Now Chinese & Japanese Premier is more mobile than most other Japanese learning software applications. It comes with access to a mobile app for your iPad or iPhone. When coupled with the mobile audio lessons, which can be transferred to any iPod or MP3 player, this software has the capacity to go anywhere you do. If you need to learn Japanese while traveling, this is one of the best choices.

Learn It Now Chinese & Japanese Premier is a great program to use if you want to learn how to speak Japanese. The interactive Japanese lessons are fun to complete, and the ability to take the lessons with you is a great bonus. While adding Mandarin into the mix allows you to get more for your money, it really doesn???t add any value to the Japanese lessons. In the end, however, this software works well for basic Japanese language instruction.

internet browser – Safari, 2017

Known for its intuitive usability, Safari is Apple’s lightweight and sleek internet browser. Safari trails behind the best internet browsers in terms of market share, simply because it was a Mac-only application until 2007. It’s not just Safari’s late debut to the entire computing world that keeps it from being a top contender in our lineup; the internet browser is fast and easy to use, but it lacks the customization features that so many users seek in a browser these days.


Every internet browser on the market boasts a handful of proprietary usability features, and Safari is no different. A few of our favorites include Reading List and Top Sites. Reading List is a slick way to save the URLs of interesting web pages that you want to revisit and read later. Top Sites offers an at-a-glance preview of your favorite websites. The concept is similar to an RSS feed, but it allows you to preview a site in full rather than a simple list of new content.

Safari is remarkably fast. It takes under two seconds for the browser to initialize and even less time to click through links on the same site. The best browsing feature of Safari is the Reader button on the right side of the search bar. It allows you to cut all the advertisements and visual distractions in an article and just read.

Safari offers all the basics you’d expect from any browser, including tabs, spell check and a password manager. Where Safari lags behind the competition is customization. The internet browser is noticeably less flexible than its competitors are when it comes to customizing toolbars, and it doesn’t have syncing capabilities. Safari also lacks parental and zoom controls.

As a product of Apple, Safari is unsurprisingly replete with security features and functions designed to keep your information safe while you browse. The browser provides protection from all types of malware and phishing websites. As with many of the other internet browsers we reviewed, you can adjust your level of security with Safari. It also allows you to delete private data such as your browsing history.

Safari is a solid web browser and has the majority of the basic features any competitive browser should have. It’s easy to use and extremely fast. You may find its lack of customization options a bit hindering, but if you’re seeking a no-frills browser that allows you to browse the web securely, Safari is the way to go.

ice cream makers – Aroma Traditional 4 Quart 2017

When people think of classic ice cream makers, they tend to think of solid wooden buckets full of ice cream surrounded by curious relatives waiting for their favorite treat. The Aroma 4-Quart ice cream maker captures that nostalgic feeling while maintaining functionality and form. The cedar bucket is the most eye-catching feature of this ice cream maker. The beautiful wooden bucket comes in a light or dark finish.


The Aroma ice cream maker gives you the option to churn ice cream automatically or manually. The hand crank attaches to the bucket easily and adds to this ice cream maker’s nostalgic value. This is the only bucket model we encountered with an on-and-off switch. Most bucket motors require you to unplug the unit to stop the unit. The hand crank and electric motor are interchangeable, and you can use both on the same batch of ice cream. We suggest using the hand crank first, and then using the motor.

To get the most out of the Aroma old-fashioned ice cream maker, you’ll need old-fashioned patience. Without proper preparation, it takes at least an hour to make homemade ice cream. This ice cream maker is high maintenance because of its beautiful wooden bucket and metal parts.

Before you can make ice cream, there are several steps you must first follow. The manual strongly suggests that you wash all the parts in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly to avoid any packing materials ending up in your ice cream.

Then fill two-thirds of the bucket with water and let it sit for at least an hour and a half. This gives you time to pre-chill any ingredients or prepare other dishes if you’re taking ice cream to a gathering or event. The water soaks into the wood bucket, expanding the wood to prevent leaks later. These are great precautions, but may be annoying if you’re in a rush.

Like many bucket and freezer-bowl models, the Aroma 4 Quart requires a little foresight. The traditional rock salt-and-ice method means you don’t have to pre-freeze a bowl or rely on your freezer power to keep ice cream cold. However, it does mean you want to keep rock salt and ice handy at all times. We also recommend pre-chilling your ice cream mixture overnight; otherwise, the consistency of your ice cream stays liquid, like a milkshake.

We recommend the Aroma ice cream maker for big annual family gatherings and special occasions. It’s the most attractive ice cream maker we reviewed, and if you plan to make ice cream for a special event, and not every day, this may be a good option for you. However, this ice cream maker requires advance preparation to make the best ice cream. So if you want ice cream quick, you may be turned off by the long wait required.

home rentals – My New Place

When you are about to relocate for work, school or whatever the reason may be, you can be overcome with the stress of it all. From trying to transition and pack your things to searching for a specific home and maintaining your daily responsibilities, things can become overwhelming very quickly. This is where the benefit of online home rentals comes in. MyNewPlace appears to be a very organized site, with sections for landlords, tenants and of course renters. There are numerous features that will make things much easier for both sides as well. That being said, it???s necessary to investigate a little further before making up your mind.

Standout Features

First and foremost, individuals should know that MyNewPlace offers a secure site for individuals. This protects your private information from being used for harm. When it comes to shopping online it???s a good idea to check and make sure the site is very secure.

Unfortunately, there is no direct contact between tenants and landlords on this site, which is a great disadvantage. It???s always important to be able to discuss things with your landlord in case something happens along the way.With no direct contact, it takes much more time to get this accomplished. Managers and landlords can upload pictures of the homes for rent and potential renters can search based on location and other factors. Both landlords and potential renters will need an online account to utilize the site and there???s a nifty map feature available that makes finding your new home much easier. Unfortunately, there are no free rental ads with this company.

Site search options can make things much easier on potential renters. However, it seems that this site resides at the very bottom of the list when it comes to this category. While renters have the ability to search for eco-friendly homes, they do not have the ability to search for home rentals with renter???s insurance, roommates, furnishings, or homes that allow Section 8 renters. This is very poor and not competitive at all.

The payment method is not indicated on the site which is a huge concern for most people, as it???s one of the ways individuals use to determine which site to go with. In fact, nothing regarding payments at all is indicated on the site, leaving the customer with a lot of questions. Customers would have to contact the company in order to learn about the payment processes, which is a waste of time when it can be listed clearly on the website.

Another very important thing to look at with online home rentals is the help and support. This site seems to be fairly competitive in this area, offering phone numbers to get in touch with company representatives. In addition, they have a blog, which can be a valuable source of information. They do not offer instant chat options, a frequently asked questions section, or email addresses.

Site Search Options

While MyNewPlace may be a fair basic service, individuals are encouraged to research other companies before settling for this one. With poor site search options and too much information missing, individuals are likely to be disappointed with this site.


Help & Support


indoor electric grills – Cuisinart 2017

The best indoor electric grills, like our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner the Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe, open up a whole new world of cooking possibilities, regardless of how large or well-equipped your kitchen is. This electric grill makes it simple to toast, press, grill and cook your favorite foods with its versatile, reversible grill plates, heating controls and accurate temperatures.

Grilling Capabilities

With this tabletop grill, you can cook your favorite foods such as hamburgers, paninis, pancakes and more without needing multiple appliances. The lid has a convenient handle that keeps you away from the heat and gives you some leverage if you want to use it to compress your panini or burger.

This multifunctional grill has the best temperature consistency of all the models we tested. This is important as many cheap electric grills radiate heat directly where the coil is located rather than dispersing it to the whole unit. Having even heat ensures that your food cooks correctly, getting your meal on the dinner table quickly. The Griddler Deluxe has a maximum temperature of 450 degrees, which is hot enough for any type of food you want to cook.

We found that there was minimal spattering of grease when we cooked with this Cuisinart, although it seemed to escape easier when the lid was set at higher levels. This electric grill is perfect for grilled cheese and panini sandwiches, giving your bread attractive sear lines if you use the ribbed side of the grill plates. It also does well with cut vegetables, such as squash or onions, and is wide enough to accommodate asparagus as well.

Searing is also a special function of this tabletop grill. The Griddler Deluxe has individual searing buttons for both the top and bottom grills that increase the temperature to 500 degrees for up to two minutes. This can help you get the perfect sear on your steaks or burgers without burning them. The lid has six positions it can be set to, allowing you to stuff your sandwiches full or grill up a thick steak or chicken breast evenly. Being able to set the height of the lid also allows it to hover above your food, effectively making it a broiler. This is a great way to grill a pizza or melt cheese slices without making a mess of the top grill plate.

Setting up the Griddler Deluxe is as simple as choosing which side of the grill plate you want to use, setting the temperatures you want each grill plate to have and deciding the height you would like the lid to be. The grill plates are removable and completely dishwasher safe, making it easier to clean up after greasy foods like hamburger or cheese. The non-stick surface can be wiped down with a wet paper towel or scraped with the included scraper to remove baked-on residue. For its size, this cooking appliance is easy to clean and there are few places that are difficult to access when you are wiping it down. The only real downside to this indoor electric grill is that it takes up a bit of room on the counter or when you store it. The handle does not fold down, but the lid does lock in place to keep it from falling open when you pull it out of your storage area.

Prep & Cleanup

The defining feature of this unit is the multifunctional grill plates. These reversible plates have a flat griddle surface on one side and a ribbed grilling surface on the other. Because you can remove the plates, you can use any combination to suit your cooking needs.

Another great feature that expands the usefulness of this electric grill is the ability to fold the top grill completely back to create a flat griddle, effectively doubling your grilling area. This lets you cook for a large group or multitask cooking bacon or sausage while you use the other grill side to cook up your famous French toast. The Griddler Deluxe has a total of 240 square inches of cooking surface, which is large enough to cook up to 12 pancakes at once or up to six hamburger patties in the contact grilling position.

Each side of the grill has its own temperature controls located on the front of the appliance. Preheat indicator lights are built in to each knob, making it easy to see which side is in use and if it is at the desired temperature. Having independent controls makes this machine stand out from other electric grills, as this allows you to cook whatever you want in any manner you desire. For example, you can toast both sides of your sandwich, or just have the top grill melt the cheese over the meat. Or if you are feeling adventurous, you can grill up some peppers, mushrooms and onions while you cook the meat for your cheesesteak on the opposite grill.

Cuisinart covers the electric grill with a limited three-year warranty against defective parts or workmanship. This is well above the average one-year warranties offered by most electric grill manufacturers. You can order replacement grill plates, scrapers, drip trays and other parts from the Cuisinart website if you ever require them. You can also access delicious recipes and a downloadable PDF of the owner manual on the product page. Cuisinart service representatives can be reached by phone or email if you have questions or concerns.

If you are looking for a tabletop grill that lets you cook in multiple ways while giving you complete control over the temperature and style of grilling, the Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe is the best indoor electric grill you can choose. Regardless if you have a fully equipped kitchen or a basic studio apartment kitchen nook, the Griddler Deluxe is extremely versatile, making it convenient and enjoyable to cook your meals with one appliance.


Help & Support


mac movie dvd burning software – 4Media DVD Copy for Mac 2017

Editor’s Note: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) forbids circumventing copy encryptions contained on commercial discs. The DMCA makes no exceptions for circumventing these encryptions for personal use. Top Ten Reviews does not endorse piracy or any other illegal activity.


Although it’s not packed with extra features, 4Media DVD Copy for Mac earned a spot in our review of the best Mac DVD copy software. It is designed to make physical copies of your DVDs. The lack of extras keep 4Media’s interface streamlined, making the DVD burning process as painless as possible. You don’t have to be a computer genius to figure out how to work this application.

Before this program can begin copying a DVD, it has to first break the encryptions that protect commercial discs from illegal piracy. This application comes with a decryptor to bypass these protections and begin the copying process. Without the decryptor, you could only copy unprotected or homemade DVDs.

You would be hard-pressed to find a simpler DVD burner. 4Media’s interface is contained on a single screen, and it takes as little as a single click to start the copying process. Once a DVD has been scanned, all you have to do is insert a blank DVD to begin the burning process. When the process is completed, the application ejects a newly burned disc that can work in any DVD player.

You can burn movies to DVD-5 or DVD-9 discs. The difference is the quality and compression of the output. Normally, blank DVD-5s don’t have enough space to hold everything found on a commercial disc, but 4Media can compress the content so it does fit.

Unfortunately, compression results in lower video quality no matter what program you use. When our video experts compared a compressed DVD copy made with 4Media to the original commercial disc, they noticed some minor pixelation, compression artifact and motion blur. But unless you’re watching the copied DVD on huge HD television, it won’t distract from the viewing experience.

4Media doesn’t require a blank DVD for every burn. This program will saved burnt ISO files to your Mac, allowing you to watch them directly from your computer or burn DVDs later. This conserves your Mac’s battery power by playing the movie directly from the hard drive. Of course, you must have a media player that will play an ISO file, but there are free applications you can find easily on the internet that will do this.

4Media DVD Copy doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it performs basic DVD burning functions quickly and reliably. If you want to safeguard your original DVDs, this Mac DVD copy application is worthy of consideration.

learn italian software – Rosetta Stone Italian

One of the most well known language learning software brands is Rosetta Stone. The company has managed to streamline the process of learning how to speak Italian by making an attractive interface and relying on memorization techniques. Rosetta Stone focuses on teaching you the Italian language through images and associating terms. It is meant to replicate the way children learn. Once you get a foundation in basic vocabulary, the education process moves quickly.


This Italian software’s word and image association become second nature. The images are up to date, and there is such a wide variety that you’ll notice you know the Italian term for everything around you. That’s the purpose of this Italian language software. It’s not just straight memorization. With Rosetta Stone Italian, you’re meant to think of definitions in Italian just as quickly as you think in English.

In our critique of Italian language software, we found that there are fewer frills in this application than there are in some competing products, which is why it doesn’t rank higher among the best Italian educational software. For example, it is missing features that come standard in high quality foreign language software, such as a dictionary, videos and a word and root search.

A great aspect of Rosetta Stone Italian is that you can enjoy live online lessons. These permit you practice speaking Italian with native Italian-speaking tutors. In addition, there are Italian language games you can play to expand your ability to understand the language by using Italian in real-life situations rather than just a home-study atmosphere.

Among other things, you get an outstanding speech-recognition application with Rosetta Stone that can go a long way toward advancing your learning process. You can easily get feedback on your accent and pronunciation, and you can heighten your ability to speak the language as well as understand it.

One of Rosetta Stone Italian’s strong points is its ability to help quickly build a person’s Italian vocabulary. The software’s image and word association feature is not only fun to use, but it is effective as well. For traditional-minded students who prefer to learn the rules of grammar first, the grammar sections of this application may be a bit frustrating because Rosetta Stone Italian’s approach does not list rules. Instead, this program is based on the philosophy of teaching grammar using an image-word association technique.

With Rosetta Stone Italian, you will get some of the best customer help and support of any company we reviewed. There are FAQs and tutorials on the company’s website to help you with navigation and basic problems. Although the user manual is very basic, the phone and email support options are both useful and helpful, and you’ll receive a speedy response to any questions you might have. You also get the extremely helpful and immediate support of live chat.

If you embrace the language-immersion philosophy for learning Italian, Rosetta Stone Italian has made it as simple as it could possibly be to study Italian for beginners. Rosetta Stone Italian may not have quite as many tools as other applications, but many students have found its philosophy and approach to be highly appealing and effective in easing them into learning Italian in a way that feels natural and comfortable. If you opt for Rosetta Stone Italian, you will find that you have chosen an intuitive way to learn Italian and that you will actually remember what you have learned.

mac typing software – CueType, 2017

For many, improving typing skills is a task that sits on the backburner, forced into an afterthought as a result of a full schedule or thin wallet. Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winning CueType solves both of these problems by offering users a quick and easy to use Mac typing software program with a purse-pleasing price.

Feature Set

CueType is the highest-rated Mac typing software program on our list that offers lessons on the infrequently-used Dvorak keyboard. The Dvorak keyboard was patented in the mid-thirties by two brothers and is designed to use less finger motion and increase typing rate when compared to the standard QWERTY format. Though few people use the Dvorak keyboard, it is nice to know that the developers had the users??? convenience and preferences in mind when designing CueType.

Other customizable user options include the ability to show or hide the program???s cues. Cues display the letters with hints on how to type them. Keys that are in the home row, for example, are displayed in the middle line, while keys above the home row are slightly higher, and keys below the home row are placed slightly lower. Finger cues color-code the letters to indicate which finger should strike each key. Reach cues show which letters are out of the finger???s ???natural column??? of keys, while shift cues display which keys must be combined with the shift key to strike. If all the colors and key placements are confusing, the cues can be turned off.

Users can also customize thresholds at which a lesson or test (called ???drills??? in this particular Mac typing software program) automatically restarts. Thresholds can be set for when a user dips below a certain WPM rate or reaches a certain number of errors.

Unfortunately, multiple users cannot save individual data with CueType. More than one person can use the program, of course, but the performance reports will reflect results from all users at once. This is one of only two pieces of Mac typing software that had this disappointing drawback, but with all its other positive attributes, we feel this detail can be overlooked.

Text size is adjustable, which is a surprisingly rare feature among the other Mac typing software programs we reviewed. This handy option reduces eye strain and provides a more comfortable learning environment for users who have poor vision.

Games, Lessons and Tests

One other unique feature, which we did not find in any other Mac typing software program we reviewed, is the ???ghost hands??? tool. This option lets the computer type the keys at a set 30 WPM so users can watch the keyboard visual to see where each key is located and how it should be typed. This feature certainly makes up for the lack of guided help through audio or video dictation. (Though this is not to say that there is no guided help; to learn more information about the keys in any drill, simply click ???Drill Info??? to view a textual explanation.)

As we said, CueType offers no typing games with which to practice skills learned in lessons. While this may be a drawback for users who want to share their Mac typing software with their children or teenagers, we think it gives CueType a more professional and serious feel. In fact, the lack of games may even appeal more to teens and young adults than versions accompanied by cartoonish games.

Lessons, or drills, are easy to find and can be navigated freely; that is, they can be completed in a non-sequential order. Users who know they have mastered the home row keys can skip right to the third drill group to learn Index Finger Ups and Downs. If, after completing the first Numerals drill group, a user feels that he or she needs more practice on the Right- and Left-Shift keys, revisiting the appropriate drill groups is a snap.

???Best of??? WPM rates and number of errors for drills are recorded right next to the title of the drill in the menu, along with number of attempts, so a user knows at a glance exactly what he or she has to accomplish to beat a personal record.

Tests are found at the end of each drill, under the name ???review.??? It utilizes letter and word prompts, though none of the phrase or paragraph prompts found in many other Mac typing software tests.

CueType had by far one of the most intuitive user interfaces among the other Mac typing software we reviewed. Most of the user options can be toggled on or off with the click of a button and results are easy to read and understand. Performance reports are automatically saved, clear and concise, with no difficult-to-read graphs or charts.

Ease of Use

The toolbar is also fully customizable; users can decide exactly which buttons and options they want displayed at all times. Users can even add spaces, flexible spaces (which grow or shrink as needed) and dividers to organize the toolbar better. No other program offered such convenience to users.

We found support resources to be somewhat spotty when compared to Mac typing software like Typing Instructor Pro, but it is more than enough to help solve any problems a user may experience.

Help & Support

The user guide is clean and simple, which is vital to a good guide. Its brevity is almost a bonus; some of the lengthier guides found in other programs can be a bit difficult to wade through. The guide answers all questions a user may have in a short, succinct manual. The manual doesn???t cover installation questions, but the program developers are easily reached via email, their website or even postal mail.

Software updates are available for download, and the user can even set the program to automatically check for them at startup.

Overall, we found CueType to be a highly satisfactory and professional program. One of the few programs geared towards adults that seems to actually be designed with them in mind, CueType offers all of the necessities without any of the fluff. If you???re looking for a program that is a little less serious, check out our side-by-side comparison of Mac typing software.


logo design software – Deluxe

The Deluxe logo design firm is not a typical logo design company. Deluxe is much more about developing your organization’s brand identity through marketing, search engine optimization, social media development and website design. Logo design is just part of what the company offers.


The starter package isn’t impressive, offering only four concepts with two revisions and two graphic designers. This means that each graphic designer will design two concept logos based on the details in your creative brief ??? this is the information you provide the project manager about your organization, which includes ideas you may have for the type of logo design you want and the types of values you’d like reflected in the design. Once you’ve chosen the logo you like from the four concepts, you’re only allowed two revisions.

If you’re worried that four concepts with only two revisions is too risky, especially since Deluxe doesn’t have a refund policy, then you can upgrade to their most popular package ??? the Silver package. This package includes six concept logos made by three graphic designers, and you get unlimited revisions on the logo you’ve chosen. This package also includes stationery design, which provides the layout designs with your new logo for business cards, letterheads, envelopes and fax sheets.

One of the biggest flaws with the Deluxe design firm is the online portfolio. There are only five logos. It’s important to take a critical eye to a logo design company’s online portfolio because you need to feel comfortable that the in-house graphic designers have the skill and experience necessary to develop the perfect logo to represent your company’s brand. Five logos is not enough to instill confidence.

Logo design isn’t the company’s priority and it shows with the other services ??? website design, search engine optimization, social media design, email marketing and printing. These services will help you develop and market your organization’s brand identity. Not many online logo design firms have this many services designed to get your logo out in the world for everyone to see, recognize and remember.

In addition, Deluxe offers to deliver your logo in every format available, including multiple vector files and bitmap files for the web. If there are files that you need that aren’t included, you can request the file and your project manager will provide it.

Deluxe’s miniscule five-logo portfolio, small number of concept logos and lack of a refund policy means that you can’t be sure you’ll come away with the logo that will represent your organization. However, the additional services are designed to get your logo and your brand to where people will see it. As such, you may consider having your logo designed elsewhere while using Deluxe to help build your brand presence.

gps – Garmin Rino 520HCx

The accuracy ratings are average, the battery life is comparatively short and there is no barometric altimeter or electronic compass. So what is there to like about the Garmin Rino 520HCx? The answer is: one amazing feature. This unit has something we did not see in the other GPS systems in our lineup – a two-way radio. You pay for that feature in a higher price and with a comparatively hefty weight in your backpack. While we’re not sure that one feature outweighs all of the things you subtract to get it for most users, it is still a pretty cool idea to combine a two-way radio with a quality GPS system.


The Rino series GPS systems use the standard FRS/GMRS radio, so you can easily communicate with other handheld radios over a 14-mile distance (line of sight). One of the more unique features about having a two-way radio built into a GPS device is that the Garmin Rino 520HCx can track the locations of any other Rino users in your group with ease. No more trying to explain where you are and how to get there, simply pull up the other Rino GPS system’s users and walk to their location. The Rino 520HCx offers 22 channels and an amazing five watts of transmitting power, so even if your friends are a few miles away you can still contact them.

The Rino has an amazingly clear 256-color TFT display, so finding your exact location anywhere is simple. It has pre-installed basemaps that include U.S. rivers, lakes, main cities, roads and a few more extras. However, the the amount of maps you can have is practically endless due to the ability to add more maps at any time with the microSD card slot. Like many of the other GPS systems on the market today the Rino is fully waterproof, so it not only works on land but also when fishing at your favorite lake or exploring the coastline. If you choose to, you can even pull up city maps and find step-by-step and turn-by-turn directions when traveling to your favorite camping spot or while on your way to a national park for a few days.

The Garmin Rino 520HCx may not have all of the add-ons that come standard with other handheld GPS systems. However, everyone knows how frustrating it can be to lose someone in your group and spend all day, and even at times all night, searching for each other. For some users this one awesome feature – the two-way radio – may be worth it. The Rino 520HCx delivers an impressive, clear GPS unit which can pinpoint your location in seconds. With 500 Waypoints, 50 navigational routes and 20 navigation tracks you will be able to save your favorite trips and enjoy them at any time.

Quality not quantity is what you will find in the Garmin Rino 520HCx, it may not have a ton of extras but what it does have it does well. If you are willing to put the price aside and know a few others who want to get out and have some fun this summer you can all have more fun exploring the outdoors than ever before with the Garmin Rino 520HCx.