gamepad – Logitech F710

If you are transitioning from console gaming to PC gaming, you should look for a Windows gamepad that resembles the types of controllers you are used to playing with. The Logitech F710 looks similar to a PlayStation 3 controller, although a little larger. This gaming controller is wireless and sturdy, and the plastic with rubber grips keeps the controller firmly in your hands. It works on all Windows computers and has some excellent features, including programmable buttons and pressure-sensitive triggers. With its many great qualities, the Logitech F710 earns our approval.


The best feature of this controller is its wireless connection. Its 2.4GHz signal is reliable and does not interfere with other wireless devices. This PC controller also has 10 programmable buttons as well as dual analog sticks. The F710 features multiple profiles, a feature serious gamers will appreciate.

The multiple profiles and button combinations give you the opportunity to switch the buttons for specific games. If you prefer to switch your action buttons to your triggers, you can do that on one profile. Also, the F710 uses XInput and DirectInput, ensuring that this controller will work on virtually any PC game.

The shoulder triggers are pressure sensitive, so you can hug those corners in your racing games like a pro. Finally, this controller vibrates, which gives you a tactile response to in-game actions.

Most gamepads have a similar layout, so what design comes down to is how it feels in your hand. The Logitech F710 has rubber grips along the back of the handles so you will have a solid grip on the controller. You won’t have to worry about losing hold even during those sweaty-palm moments while you’re trying to snipe the last enemy still standing.

Although this controller is battery powered, the battery cavity does not add to the size. If you play with an Xbox 360 wireless controller, you know the frustration of the bulky battery pack on the back of the gamepad. The F710 is much more comfortable since the batteries are flush with the rest of the controller.


The F710 is modeled after the PlayStation 3 controller, but it is a little larger. Although there are elements of this PC controller that match the Xbox 360, its dual analog sticks at the bottom of the controller may take some getting used to.

This is a Windows-specific gamepad. While it shares some design features with consoles, it will not work on any device but a PC. Fortunately, it is optimized for all versions of Windows, and you will not have any problem programming the controller to play your games. In fact, thanks to its dual input methods, it works with almost any game. Many new video games use XInput, since the Xbox 360 controller outputs this signal. However, if you have older games that use DirectInput, you can switch the F710 and enjoy your games with little work.

Although we usually prefer multiplatform controllers, the F710’s features and design make it an impressive peripheral. Also, many Windows controllers we reviewed do not work with Windows 8, but this one works perfectly.

As with any electronic device, you might require help of some kind while using this controller, if only to get started. The Logitech F710 has several options for help and support. There is a one-year warranty on the gamepad. We were also pleased that there are plenty of FAQs and electronic versions of the documentation available on the website. There are multiple phone numbers you can call if there is a problem. An email is also available, so long as you register with Logitech. This extra step is a momentary hassle, but the additional support is worth it, especially since it is free.

The Logitech F710 is the best Windows gamepad we looked at for a variety of reasons. We liked that it is wireless. Though that does mean you will have to supply batteries, the battery life is extensive. We also thought that the design itself with the rubber grips was a nice touch. This PC game controller will bring your game to that next skill level.


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