gamepad – Thrustmaster GPX LightBack

The key advantage to a wired gamepad is it does not require batteries. These controllers mimic console controllers with minor variations. The Thrustmaster GPX LightBack is a gaming controller for the Xbox 360 and PCs. This controller has some interesting design features, but it is a little smaller than a traditional Xbox 360 controller and its plastic body does little to improve grip.


The Thrustmaster GPX LightBack has all of the standard features we look for. This wired gamepad uses a USB 2.0 connection and has 10 programmable buttons. It also has dual analog sticks, pressure-sensitive triggers and vibration feedback. Unfortunately, all of these features are gaming controller standards, so the GPX LightBack does nothing to differentiate itself from other gamepads.

The device looks similar to an Xbox 360 controller, complete with a central Home button. This controller is plastic and a little smaller than its console counterpart. This equates to an average grip. Since the controller is wired, you won’t have to deal with the Xbox 360 controller’s battery pack on the back. However, with its slightly dwarfed size, we found the controller uncomfortable at times. Fortunately, the GPX LightBack has backlit joysticks. It doesn’t add anything to gameplay, but it does make you look far more stylish than anyone playing with a regular Xbox controller.

The Thrustmaster GPX LightBack works on all versions of Windows and on the Xbox 360. To use the controller with a PC, you’ll have to download a driver and adjust the settings to get it to recognize the controller. If you are playing on the Xbox 360, you will only have to plug the controller in.

Thrustmaster offers a two-year warranty on its controller, and if you need help, you have to register with its technical support site. This gives you access to email and telephone numbers. You can also search product FAQs and download manuals and drivers. Unfortunately, Thrustmaster does not offer a user forum to supplement its FAQs section. This wouldn’t be a problem if the FAQs section offered more than four topics for the GPX LightBack.

The Thrustmaster GPX LightBack is a good wired gamepad with some interesting features. Its backlit joysticks are an excellent design feature, but its plastic body does nothing to improve controller grip.