geography game software – Mission Possible World Geography

Mission Possible World Geography, by EdVenture Software, is geography game software that lets kids act as a special agent participating in a mission to save the world from global warming. The primary focus of the information in the game is the locations of countries, states and capitals, major cities, famous sites and some topographic features such as the location of mountains, deserts and oceans. It did not rank among the top-rated because it lacked a few of the main subjects we found to be important, such as names of famous people and national/state flags.


Basically, the game asks a question and if answered correctly the agent moves closer to the target which is a research base. If questions are answered incorrectly, the correct response is illustrated. As the students progress through the geography learning program they will eventually earn the ranking of 007.

Another reason for rating this product lower is the fact that this game does not cover any of the more advanced geography subjects such as languages, population or distribution.

Although the graphics in this game are not comparable to what kids are used to, this is the only game focused product, in this age group, that we could find. It has fun animations and scenes that the students will find entertaining. The objective of this product is to aid children in map reading, critical thinking and the physical features in geography.

The difficulty that we had with this software is that they are very hard to contact. We emailed them several times with questions, but they never responded. This manufacturer, EdVenture Software, has many educational products in the market. They cover math, counting, typing and geography. It would have been nice to see an option of purchasing all of the products together for a good sale price, but it isn’t an option.

Mission Possible World Geography did not rank higher because the program was fairly short and did not have the same level of kid appeal as the top-rated products. It was not very interactive. It could have involved the students more and ignited a strong interest in geography.