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TOPICS Entertainment realized struggling geometry students didn’t want to deal with many bells and whistles to get their homework help, so they created a streamlined geometry software to meet their needs: Math Success Deluxe. Only one section of this program is devoted to geometry since it covers a wide array of topics. Being separated from the rest of the programs allows approval winner Math Success to specialize, leaving out the lessons from other branches of math. Putting all of the lessons together in one program would be distracting. Having a separate program for geometry is the best thing they could have done.; Standout Features

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TOPICS Entertainment offers math features in High School Success and Middle School Success, but they include reduced versions of what’s available in Math Success Deluxe.

Text and animation are used to teach this program’s lessons. The animations are vibrant and helpful while the text is thorough, but not thorough enough for the students to get lost and confused. Absent from this program are games of any kind. Their presence would’ve broken up the monotony of a series of problems. This approach was good for those who enjoy math and do not need it to be entertaining. However, this segment doesn’t include a majority of the population. For the rest of us, we will have to get over the fact math is boring and try our hardest to learn the information because it’s worth learning.

The program is broken down into chapters and lessons as if it were a geometry textbook. This makes the program relatable because it comes across in a format they are familiar with. Each chapter has a series of lessons that come with it that separate it into manageable portions. 15 chapters and 76 lessons are included with this program, which is about 5 lessons per chapter. They cover what’s taught in most geometry classes, but more lessons could’ve been taught.

Our only objections as far as ease of use go were the long load times starting and closing the program and loading the various lessons and quizzes. Having the same interface for every program didn’t help either.

Math Success uses free access to, an online homework help organization, to substitute for the nonexistent homework help features within the program. This seems like an excellent offer until you see you only have 30 minutes with a tutor of your choice. Students who have a lot of problems to complete, or are really lost, aren’t going to get anything out of a 30-minute session. Taking their time, repeating each problem until they learn it and developing an understanding of the topic are high on their list of priorities. Any information learned during this 30-minute session would be forgotten in less than 30 minutes.; Adding a special feature to the program that would allow students to connect with tutors would be worth the inevitable price hike that would come with it. If staying with is crucial, allow students to use the service for a semester or an entire school year. The effect that would have on grades across the country would be astonishing.

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TOPICS Entertainment’s customer service is excellent. They answered whatever questions we had quickly and in a way we could understand.

Math Success Deluxe is excellent Geometry software for struggling students. Although it doesn’t make the subject entertaining, it’s informative and effective in teaching its lessons.

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