gps tracker – Filip 2017

The FiLIP 2 is a watch-style GPS tracker and basic phone designed for kids. It enables you to track your kid’s location using an iPhone or Android app. Unlike its predecessor, the FiLIP 2 has spacers, which allow the watch band to expand so that larger as well as smaller children can wear it.


The unit is an attractive, comfortable watch that doesn’t necessarily look like a GPS tracking device or phone. This inconspicuous design could help prevent the watch being removed from your child’s wrist by a potential abductor. However, in our battery test, the FiLIP 2 lasted for 31 hours, which is one of the lowest battery lives among GPS trackers.

This device updates its location every 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Some competing GPS trackers allow you to request more frequent update intervals, such as five or 10 minutes, which can allow more accuracy. If you set the FiLIP 2 to the turbo mode, though, it will update its location every three minutes for 15 minutes.

The app is fairly easy to use. There is a button that allows you to call the watch, one that allows you to text the watch and one that allows you to manually ping the watch to ask for a location update.

Two features that are not included are speed limits and a history view. Most trackers allow you to set a speed limit so that you will be alerted if your child travels goes over a certain speed. This feature can help you know immediately if your child is traveling in a vehicle. Most trackers we tested also allow you to view a history of where the device has been. The FiLIP 2 lacks that option, simply displaying where the watch was during the last location update.

The most frustrating thing about the FiLIP is the activation. We spoke to three FiLIP customer support representatives, and they all had great knowledge of the device and were quite helpful. However, FiLIP gives all of the activation responsibility to AT&T. This means that if you have a question about your billing or service, you have to go through AT&T. In our experience, AT&T representatives are less consistently good than the FiLIP representatives are. If you are already an AT&T customer, though, activating FiLIP is fairly painless.

The FiLIP 2’s greatest strength is its two-way calling ability. Your kid has an option of five numbers that he or she can call at the touch of a button. You can also call the watch at any time, because it has its own unique phone number. You can also send the watch short text messages, although your kid can’t text back.

This GPS tracker also lets you set zones around houses or areas. The app sends push notifications to your smartphone when your child enters or leaves a safe zone.

The tracker has an emergency mode that your child can trigger by holding down a button for three seconds. Emergency mode calls each of the five numbers in the FiLIP 2 until someone answers the phone. This is a great feature to ensure your child is always able to get in touch with someone.

The FiLIP 2 is one of the most innovative GPS trackers for kids on the market. It doesn’t have great battery life, activation can be frustrating, and it lacks a history view, but for many situations, its voice-to-voice capability makes up for those deficiencies.