grow lights – BML LED Light Bar, 2017

The BML LED Light Bar Grow-Max Spectrum is a grow lamp that helps you achieve maximum flowering capacity and vegetative growth. It increases radiation capture and leaf expansion. You can use it for growth chambers, vertical farming, supplemental lighting, research projects, tissue culture labs and more.

This indoor grow light uses 50 percent less electricity than a fluorescent lighting system while emitting the same light level. You can save money on cooling while reducing the grow area’s temperature. The light operates at 350 milliamps using 3-watt LEDs and 110 to 277 volts of energy. This ensures high electrical efficiency and long life on this built-to-order grow light for indoor plants. The light also has high PAR levels and edge-to-edge lighting with no hot spots.

There is a life expectancy of 50,000 hours on this fan-free, industrial-quality LED fixture. This eliminates the need to change bulbs frequently, saving you time and money. Additionally, the LED bars reduce the risk of mercury contamination to the plants in your growing area.

The unit comes with the LED fixture, an 8-foot cord and a power supply. It also includes mounting brackets for quick installation, allowing immediate use. The indoor grow light uses an innovative rail design that gives you unlimited mounting options. You can choose between fixture lengths of 7, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 inches, and beam angles of 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 degrees. This allows you to maximize your plants’ radiation capture.

This unit is dimmable when used with a controller or manual dimmer; however, a dimmer is not included. It can dim from 10 to 100 percent and is compatible with analog dimming systems of 0 to 10 volts. This allows you to achieve the PAR your plants need at different times in their life cycles.

The indoor grow light contains a polycarbonate cover that is simple to clean. The heavy spray-proof aluminum casing protects your investment. The LED grow lamp comes with a three-year warranty, which covers manufacturing defects. The light also has a weatherproof rating of IP66.

The BML LED Light Bar Grow-Max Spectrum is an energy-efficient grow light for increasing vegetative growth and flowering capacity. You save time and money with this eco-friendly LED grow light. It is custom made with high-quality materials. Adding a dimmer will further enhance its PAR distribution to plants. The unit comes with everything you need to get started.