guitar tuner – Profile PT-2700

If you are looking for a guitar tuner that will work whether clipped on or free-standing, the Profile PT-2700 might be a viable option for you. This particular tuner utilizes color in a way that few other products do. So long as you don’t mind the lack of help and support, and the oversized clip, you may find that this product suits your needs.


The Profile PT-2700 is usable with a guitar, bass or even a violin. It clips easily on to the instrument, but the clip is so large that the positioning options are limited. We wish the clip itself were a little smaller so it would be easier to adjust it to just the right position. We were glad to see that there is some padding on the clip so it doesn’t scratch the instrument.

The screen of this guitar tuner is fairly large and doesn’t crowd the space with unneeded information. Though we appreciate the fact that there isn’t any unwanted additional information, we were surprised that it doesn’t display the name of the note or the string number. While you don’t need this information, it is nice to see that it knows exactly which string you are trying to tune.

There are two different tuning options with this product. You can tune using the vibration sensor or you can use the internal mic. With the vibration sensor, you are able to tune your guitar even if you are in a crowded environment. The noises won’t disrupt the tuner. The internal mic is useful if you don’t want to bother with clipping it on to your guitar. The clip acts as a stand so you can set it up easily on a flat surface.

The screen uses various colors to let you know when the string is in tune. Having such a visual cue is useful because you don’t have to try to read the small text. The digital tuner is useful for seeing how sharp or flat you are, and we like the quick visual cues it gives you by displaying one color for a sharp note, one for flats and another if you’re exactly in tune.

One of the disappointing factors with this product is the complete and total lack of help and support by the manufacturer. Not only do they not have a manual on their website, but there is no phone number or email address. There is no contact information about the company available on the website. This can be troublesome if you have problems with the product. There is little information about the product in general on the website, which is disconcerting.

Overall, this guitar tuner doesn’t have a lot to offer. The clip can act as a stand but is a little big and can be cumbersome to attach to the instrument. It has a multicolored screen but doesn’t display the string number or the note name. There is also no help and support offered by the company so if you do happen to run into a problem, you are out of luck. The Profile PT-2700 doesn’t have a lot to offer.