hair dryers – Andis 2017

The Andis 80510 is a 1,875 watt hair dryer. This blow dryer is more basic than many similar products, but it still provides enough power to dry your hair in a fast amount of time. It features two speed options and a cold shot button. It also comes with two attachments and a long five-year warranty.


One of the standout features of this Andis blow dryer is its power. This device features 1,875 watts, which provides plenty of power for all hair types. It is also the average number of watts you will find available on this type of device. Furthermore, the Andis 80510 features two speed settings: high and low. It has only one main heat setting. However, there is a cool shot button that allows you to blow cool air on your hair to prevent overdrying and help lock in your style.

This hair dryer???s design is nothing extraordinary. It features a DC motor and weighs just under two pounds. The power cord is six feet long. This is one of the shorter power cords we saw on this type of device. Many of the best products feature a power cord that is at least eight or nine feet long.

There are two attachments included with this blow dryer. The concentrator attachment allows you to direct airflow to one area of your hair. It also allows you to easily style your hair as you dry it. Additionally, this device comes with a pick. We would like to see a diffuser tool included with this blow dryer, which would make this device even more appealing.

The Andis 80510 is covered under a five-year warranty. This is one of the longest warranties we saw on this type of product. Many similar products are only covered for one to two years. If you have any questions or concerns about this product, you can reach a representative via email and telephone support. We were greatly impressed with the support from Andis, as they responded to our multiple inquiries quickly and in full detail.

This blow dryer provides plenty of power to dry all types of hair. It has two speed settings and a cold shot button. It also features a five-year warranty, which is outstanding. It does have a few drawbacks including a short power cord, a basic design and limited heat settings. However, if you simply want a blow dryer that can quickly dry all types of hair, the Andis 80510 will not leave you disappointed.