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Having great-looking hair means you need the best tools to make it look good. Our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner, the Farouk CHI G2, delivers quality temperatures, quick heat-up times, an intuitive interface and effective styling.


This hair straightener has a very wide temperature range, from 200 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to the digital display, you have full and precise control over the temperature. In fact, the flexible temperature options that Farouk gives you is one of the main perks of this flat iron. You can work from the preset temperature modes, which are color-coded on the LCD display according to temperature. Green is 370 degrees Fahrenheit and is ideal for fine hair; blue is for 395 degrees, which works well for medium or wavy hair; and red is 425 degrees, which is the hottest and best for coarse hair types. You can even set your own temperature with the plus or minus buttons. When the device reaches its assigned temperature, it will beep, notifying you that it is ready to be used.

The 1-inch titanium-infused ceramic plates are the most versatile combination of materials, as they combine the quick and even heating properties of ceramic with the excellent heat conducting capacities of titanium. The straightener also has infrared heating, which provides gentle yet penetrating heat to the center of the hair strand. This results in less damage to your hair.

In our testing, the Farouk CHI G2 heated up to its hottest setting, 425 degrees Fahrenheit, in 40 seconds flat. You can watch the temperature rise on the digital display as it heats up. The quick heat-up time means you’ll be able to start styling nearly instantly.

As our volunteers used the iron, it consistently maintained its temperature throughout our testing session, without any noticeable recovery time between passes. This will save you time as you straighten your hair, as models that lose heat easily during use can take many seconds between passes to recover their lost heat.

The plates heated up evenly, thanks to their ceramic construction, and therefore they straightened our testers’ hair evenly and effectively. We tested on a variety of hair types, and the Farouk took just a few passes to straighten them. As expected, our volunteers with fine hair only needed one pass to achieve straight, smooth hair, and those with thick or coarse hair did it within three passes.

User Experience

The CHI G2 weighs just 8.8 ounces, and though it is not necessarily the lightest straightener we tested, it is the lightest one that still maintained a high-quality, durable feel. It has a slim, sleek design, and a unique subdued glitter finish. The design and finish set it apart and above the other hair straighteners we reviewed.

The LCD digital display is located on the top exterior of the hair straightener, and it is easy to read. It shows the device???s current temperature, and if you are using one of the preset temperature modes, it changes colors accordingly to make the temperature easy to identify at a glance.

It has responsive floating plates, which actively work to optimize the pressure the plates create around your hair and reduce potential heat damage to it as you straighten. Since the body of the straightener is rounded, it is easy to curl or wave your hair with it.

This straightener has the longest cord of the models we tested, measuring 11 feet, giving you a lot of freedom of movement while you style. This is ideal if you have to stretch far to reach a plug or work in a hair salon and need a cord that will give you the flexibility to work comfortably.

The CHI G2 offers a dual voltage feature that works with both 110V and 220V outlets, so it can easily be used around the world as you travel. It also comes with a rubber heat mat. You can place this on the surface you are styling near and set the straightener on top of it, and it will block the emanating heat from scorching the surface. The flat iron also comes with a two-year warranty, and you can contact Farouk via email or telephone.

The Farouk CHI G2 is the top-rated hair straightener in our comparison. It features multiple options that let you control the iron???s temperature, including the color-coded preset mode, and its quick heat-up time and versatile plates help you style your hair efficiently and effectively. Besides being a powerful and versatile straightener, it also has an intuitive interface that makes is particularly easy to use.

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