handheld vacuum – Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX 2017

Editor’s note: The Hoover Air 20 is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. We will evaluate, rank and review the Air 20 when we next update the Handheld Vacuum reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about the Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX.


The Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum is a handheld vacuum with powerful suction and a high runtime on its rechargeable battery. This hand vac is great for small apartments or vehicles, especially if you have pets. The 18-volt lithium-ion battery runs for a long time and doesn’t tend to fade as the power drains.

The battery is interchangeable with other LiNX cordless vacuums, such as the LiNX stick and shop vacuums. The Hoover LiNX is small and requires very little space to store and charge. Its versatile performance, portability and superior design earn it our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

This handheld vacuum cleaner stood out in our in-house tests, specifically with its ability to grab tough pet hair. We ran a series of trials, vacuuming on carpet, hardwood and a messy car seat. On carpet, the Hoover LiNX left no dirt behind, cleaning the entire area after only four passes. It struggled more on hardwood, especially with bigger pieces. The nozzle seems to work better with the carpet brush. It took eight passes before completely cleaning the floor.

The vacuum’s performance on carpet embedded with pet hair was phenomenal. No vacuum left the floor spotless, but the Hoover LiNX came closest, grabbing 95 percent of the dog fur. The car seat had similar results. There were some tight crevices we couldn’t reach into, but we were still able to suction 95 percent of the seat.

We tested the overall power of the hand vac by picking up a weighted box filled with screws. The Hoover LiNX was able to grab hold of a 7-ounce box, nearly half a pound, without any problem. Although there were several more powerful handheld vacs in our lineup, the lower power didn’t seem to affect its vacuuming performance.


The Hoover LiNX was far and away the best handheld vacuum for sheer portability. For us, portability meant a mix of a strong battery, low weight, and a filter and bagless system that you can use anywhere. This hand vac was one of the best in every category.

We can’t say enough about this battery. It not only ran for 23 minutes, the longest runtime in our handheld vac lineup, but it was able to get that full charge in only three hours. Many of the other vacuums need to charge for 24 hours before they reach full capacity. The Hoover LiNX was able to achieve this feat while still remaining extremely light. The empty vacuum weighs 3.2 pounds, lighter than all the other best vacuums. There are a couple that weigh less but sacrifice power.

The filter and bin system is efficient. When the vacuum is full, one button releases the canister for emptying. The opening is wide, so you won’t have to dig around to remove the dust. The filter is easy to access, and you can clean it by running cold water over it, which we suggest doing each time you empty the bin.

No one vacuum came with every attachment we looked for, but the Hoover LiNX came close. We were impressed with the integrated brush. It is safe on fabrics and upholstery and is also a valuable choice for pet hair. If hair is stuck in the carpet, the brush can scrape it out, meaning you won’t have to pick little hairs up by hand. The crevice tool is a nice attachment for cleaning corners, stairs and in between car seats. The LiNX comes with a wide mouth for larger messes.

We measured this handheld vac at 88.5 dB at its highest volume. For comparison, a normal conversation is about 60 dB. This makes it the second quietest of all the vacuums we tested.

The Hoover website has all the components you need for a good customer service experience. The customer service number is easy to find on every page, and it offers live chat on weekdays. The support section of the site has an extensive FAQs section broken down into definite categories instead of just one long list.

Ease of Use

This handheld vacuum comes with a two-year warranty on parts and maintenance. Hoover maintains a list of service providers in your area on its website, and it has a special section to alert you to any past recalls. If you end up losing your manual, there is an online PDF for any concerns you have down the road.

The Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX is well designed and a step away from bulky, plastic bins that you normally associate with handheld vacuums. The clear bin is easy to use, the extra tools give you options for hard-to-clean areas, and the battery is by far the best we tested. It vacuums most messes easily and works well for pet owners.

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