hcm software solutions – Epicor HCM Software Solution 2017 – Top Tens

Epicor’s Human Capital Management solution adapts to fit different types of companies. It works on a cloud-based platform for companies that need extra flexibility. You can also install it on location for a closed system that demands in-house security. The software includes features for payroll, benefits and talent management.

Human capital management software should help your team track payroll data without inconveniencing employees who need to clock in at the start of a shift. Epicor’s system serves as a flexible solution for this purpose. You choose whether you want to set the system up in the cloud or on location, and the HCM software keeps track of everything automatically. It formulates time sheets without the need for printouts and exports data the way you need it. The system can accommodate digital timesheet submissions and approvals. Managers can submit timesheets for your approval from the workstations they use every day.

Epicor’s human capital management system allows for digital request submissions. Employees can request vacation time for immediate manager approval. The same process applies to development. The HCM system also allows for personal goal tracking. After meeting with managers to discuss career development, employees can use the platform to set individual goals. The human capital management software tracks employee progress. Managers can use the same system to see how their team advances, both as individuals and as a group.

Epicor provides several applicant-tracking features as part of their human capital management solution. Recruiters can use this software to stay in touch with potential candidates throughout the application process. Clear communication reduces candidate drop-off during this period, and the HCM system helps recruiters stay connected. It also tracks candidates as they move through the process. It follows the initial application to interviews until the chosen candidate accepts your offer. The HCM software includes unique profile pages for all your candidates. Individuals can use the system to upload updated resumes to stay abreast of new opportunities at your company.

This human capital management software tracks employee salary and benefits as well. It provides this information to individual employees using the same self-service platform they use to request time off, and your HR team can use it to plan for succession. You can monitor and analyze information using this HCM software, automating your most common requests so they run on a schedule. This helps with absence tracking and performance evaluation.

Epicor’s human capital management solution allows you to keep track of every individual at your organization. The system includes a self-service platform and gives you a few different setup options. This HCM software can function as an on-site solution or as a cloud-based application. Its versatility makes the system a potential option for mid-sized organizations that need a custom HR system.