hd radio – JVC KD-HDR40

Sometimes electronics get too complicated. Does everyone really want an HD Radio that has everything, including the kitchen sink? The JVC KD-HDR40 is a car audio system that is just that, a car radio. This car audio unit comes at a great price with some of the same versatility that is found in the other JVC products.


The HD Radio receiver in this product is the exact same HD Radio receiver found in the other JVC products. It has the same number of presets available, 18 for FM and six for AM. One of the large differences is there is no iTunes tagging available for the HD Radio. For those of you who are glued to your iPod you might enjoy the other products in the lineup instead of this HD Radio.

Another area that???s been simplified on this car stereo is the supported devices. This is the only car audio unit we reviewed that doesn???t have a USB connection, therefore, no iPod charging either. There is an AUX port for those who still want to listen to their iPods or MP3 players. It just means you???ll have no control from the HD Radio, beyond volume, and your device won???t be charging as you listen to your tunes.

This car audio system is also Bluetooth ready, which means you purchase the module from JVC. With this radio being so low-priced that may not be a problem. If Bluetooth is a must-have, this may be the best solution since adding the extra module won???t break your wallet.

Even though this car stereo has fewer features, the setup is still basically the same as the other two JVC products. There are few buttons and a do-almost-everything knob. Changing the times might be a hassle but once again, DST and time zone options are available. Presets can be accessed from the menu or using the up and down arrows. Not always the most convenient but it does keep the stereo from being cluttered with so many teeny tiny buttons.

The JVC products are the only ones that provide a direct email address. Most of the other sites have an online form you can fill out if you have questions or concerns. While the forms are convenient for some questions, writing an email is sometimes a better way to get information. The manual provided with this product is comprehensive. Not only is there an instruction manual but there is also an installation manual. If you happen to lose either manual that comes with the unit, you can get another one online under the support section.

The JVC KD-HDR40 is a great product if you want an HD Radio that is simple and clean. Though it doesn???t have the same capabilities as the other car audio products, this radio is the best price, hands down. It is worth looking into if you???re on a tight budget and want a good radio.