hoa management software – Buildium HOA Management Software 2017 – Top Tens

More than HOA management software, Buildium is designed to help property managers attract and manage tenants. Functionality includes rental applications and listings, marketing, and accounting.

This HOA software is cloud based, which reduces expenses for your business because you don’t have to deal with hardware and client installations. You can also access the software from your mobile devices, letting you manage your properties and tenants from anywhere that you have internet access.

Pricing for this property and HOA management software is per unit, and pricing structures are designed to become increasingly cost effective as you add units. In addition to a monthly subscription that is rated according to the number of units you manage, you can also purchase add-on services such as 1099 filing, check printing, letter printing and mail services, tenant screening, and ePayments. All new Buildium subscriptions come with a 15-day free trial, so you can take time to determine if the software meets your needs before making a payment.

In addition to HOA software, Buildium provides a website that lets you market your properties to potential tenants, and you can also syndicate your listings with other online sites to broaden your reach. Potential tenants can complete an application when they find your listing, and then Buildium assists you with screening tenants through background and credit checks.

Buildium includes integrated and optional accounting modules to help you run your business. You can use the ePayment module to send and collect money electronically so you don’t have to go door-to-door to pick up physical rent checks or wait for tenants to come by an office. Buildium includes full-ledger accounting and financial reporting, letting you keep track of the economic health of your rental units.

Property and HOA community management often means tedious work, such as tracking leases and maintenance requests. Buildium includes functions for automating some of these tasks, and you can also use the software to create letters and mailings that are printed and mailed from a remote location.

Buildium stores data on Rackspace servers and regularly backs up the data. You don’t need to store or back up data on your own computers, and Buildium states that it uses industry-standard encryption to protect your data. If you decide to cancel your account, you can export your data and Buildium will keep it on file for 90 days in case you need to access it or want to return to the software.