home audio – Klipsch Quintet

The Klipsch Quintet is exactly what the name suggests: a five-speaker home theater system that features four satellite speakers and a center speaker. This surround sound system does not come with a dedicated subwoofer and, not surprisingly, struggles to produce deep bass tones.


That was the first thing that our panelists noticed during our listening tests – the speakers don’t sound full and rich. All of the systems we reviewed that don’t feature a dedicated subwoofer struggled, and the Quintet was no exception. The movie scene we viewed included a lot of action with thunderous tones. The Klipsch Quintet left our listening panel wanting more bottom end from the system. When big crashes, fights or motorcycle races occurred, there wasn’t much presence to the scene. Bass really brings out those action moments in a movie, and the Quintet suffered in bass performance by not having a subwoofer.

The surround sound speakers in this system are impressive though. All of the speakers in the home theater system are highly efficient. The satellite speakers have a sensitivity rating of 91 decibels and the center speaker is rated at 94 dB, making them the most efficient speakers in our review. The satellite speakers also feature 3-inch drivers that can produce a frequency response of 110Hz to 23kHz. These impressive specs translate to quality surround sound. There is a scene in the movie where the villain is swinging a ball and chain in a circle around her head (remember, this is an action film). As the ball and chain were circling, you could hear the ball whiz past you on all sides, rotating from speaker to speaker quickly, but sounding uniform. The sound effects surrounded our listening panel and made them feel like the sound was coming from all angles. It was an impressive feat for this speaker system.

Each of these small home theater speakers comes with an adjustable base that pivots on a ball. They can stand alone on a desk or shelf, or you can mount them to a wall. The speakers are covered by an impressive five-year warranty from Klipsch. That is the longest warranty offered by any manufacturer in our review.

These speakers will not impress you with powerful bass response since they don’t come with a dedicated subwoofer. However, the speakers sound great together. The surround sound is uniform and floods the listener with sound from all angles. If you already have a subwoofer or floor standing speakers, the Klipsch Quintet would be a solid choice to upgrade your home theater to a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system.