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When you are about to relocate for work, school or whatever the reason may be, you can be overcome with the stress of it all. From trying to transition and pack your things to searching for a specific home and maintaining your daily responsibilities, things can become overwhelming very quickly. This is where the benefit of online home rentals comes in. MyNewPlace appears to be a very organized site, with sections for landlords, tenants and of course renters. There are numerous features that will make things much easier for both sides as well. That being said, it???s necessary to investigate a little further before making up your mind.

Standout Features

First and foremost, individuals should know that MyNewPlace offers a secure site for individuals. This protects your private information from being used for harm. When it comes to shopping online it???s a good idea to check and make sure the site is very secure.

Unfortunately, there is no direct contact between tenants and landlords on this site, which is a great disadvantage. It???s always important to be able to discuss things with your landlord in case something happens along the way.With no direct contact, it takes much more time to get this accomplished. Managers and landlords can upload pictures of the homes for rent and potential renters can search based on location and other factors. Both landlords and potential renters will need an online account to utilize the site and there???s a nifty map feature available that makes finding your new home much easier. Unfortunately, there are no free rental ads with this company.

Site search options can make things much easier on potential renters. However, it seems that this site resides at the very bottom of the list when it comes to this category. While renters have the ability to search for eco-friendly homes, they do not have the ability to search for home rentals with renter???s insurance, roommates, furnishings, or homes that allow Section 8 renters. This is very poor and not competitive at all.

The payment method is not indicated on the site which is a huge concern for most people, as it???s one of the ways individuals use to determine which site to go with. In fact, nothing regarding payments at all is indicated on the site, leaving the customer with a lot of questions. Customers would have to contact the company in order to learn about the payment processes, which is a waste of time when it can be listed clearly on the website.

Another very important thing to look at with online home rentals is the help and support. This site seems to be fairly competitive in this area, offering phone numbers to get in touch with company representatives. In addition, they have a blog, which can be a valuable source of information. They do not offer instant chat options, a frequently asked questions section, or email addresses.

Site Search Options

While MyNewPlace may be a fair basic service, individuals are encouraged to research other companies before settling for this one. With poor site search options and too much information missing, individuals are likely to be disappointed with this site.


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