home theater calibration – Monster/ISF HDTV Calibration Wizard

If you bought a new HDTV recently, you might have noticed that it doesn’t look as good in your home as it did on the showroom floor. That is because the manufacturers preset the TV settings to look optimal in store lighting as opposed to your living room. A home theater calibration disc will make a huge difference. The Monster/ISF Calibration Wizard disc features some video test patterns, but it does not include audio calibration. The calibration disc is simple to use, but it may leave you wanting more.


You can hire technicians to do your home theater calibration, or you can save money by getting your own calibration disc to calibrate your HDTV. The concept is simple: Follow along with the test patterns on screen and make the changes accordingly. Unfortunately, the Monster/ISF Calibration Wizard disc falls a little short of the best home theater calibration discs. It’s easy to follow along with the instructions, but this disc does not provide a full calibration for your HDTV. The video test patterns are not as extensive as some of the better calibration discs on the market. The test patterns are easy to use, but with so few of them, you will not be able to unlock the full potential of the picture on your HDTV.

In addition to lacking a variety of test patterns, another big drawback to this calibration DVD is the fact that it does not include audio calibration. Furthermore, the video tests provided by the Monster/ISF Calibration Wizard disc are not as professional looking as some of the better home theater calibrators.

If you have a high definition plasma TV, LCD or LED, calibrating the TV is recommended so it looks best in your living room. Calibration discs are a cheaper alternative then to hire professional to come into your home and do it for you. However, the Monster/ISF Calibration Wizard leaves a lot to be desired. While the test patterns are simple enough for a novice to use, the patterns will only provide basic adjustments. To truly enjoy a fully calibrated HDTV, we’d recommend using a more extensive calibration disc.