home theater calibration – Spyder4TV HD

The Spyder4TV HD is a game changer in the home theater calibrator world. While most consumer home theater calibration discs are just a Blu-Ray or DVD, the Spyder4TVHD comes with an extra peripheral that, coincidentally, looks like a spider you attach to your TV. The spider attachment reads the light in the room as well as your TV settings and works with the included software to maximize your TV’s settings.


This home theater calibrator is much different from standard home theater calibration discs. First, it comes with more than just a Blu-ray or DVD. You will need to install the Spyder software on a laptop (or have a desktop that is fairly close to your TV). While the software is installing, you’ll want to warm up your TV. Spyder recommends having your TV on for 30 minutes before starting the calibration process, you can pop in a DVD or Blu-Ray to make sure the pixels all are warmed up.

After the software is installed, you wrap the spider onto the middle of your TV. Admittedly, this is the hardest part. Once you get the spider attachment on the TV, you plug it into the USB port, and all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions. It’s very simple after that. The device asks you to set a setting, and it will measure the output from the television. If there needs to be an adjustment made, the attachment sends the info to the software and asks you to make a change again.

Most other calibration discs work by showing you a test pattern, asking you to change the TV settings and using an eye test to see if the setting is correct. The spider attachment and Spyder software measures the TV settings output and tell you how change the settings for the best optimization, taking the guest work out of home theater calibration.

This calibration disc and setup is a tad pricier than most other home theater calibrators on the market. However, it offers some advantages. This calibration software is the easiest to use of all the products we tested, And if you own multiple HDTVs, or if you run a small business or sports bar and have many TVs to calibrate, this calibration disc and software will save you money as opposed to calling a professional to come out and adjust all your TVs.

The Spyder4TV HD’s extensive calibration process is impressive. With the included spider attachment and software, there is no guessing game or eye test when it comes to home theater calibration. The Spyder4TV HD may be a little too much equipment for some people, but if you have multiple TVs that you would like to calibrate, the Spyder4TV HD will be a good investment.