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BargainJack is a visually appealing hot deals website that is very easy to browse and use. is broken down into three segments: a main deal section, a woman’s section (BargainJill), and a one day deal section. While the main deal section contains many different items that will interest men and women, the women’s section has more female specific items. Deals listed are generally up to date but are not exhaustive in quantity unlike other deal sites. A blog, forum, and other unique features are also present on the site. For first time discount shoppers, can be a great way to become familiar with discount hunting online.

Breadth of Deals

For novice bargain hunters, can be a nice introduction. The site is easy to navigate and each deal is shown in a large scale format for easy reading.

There is a fairly diverse listing of deals posted on BargainJack. However, a large share is electronic items or computers. The “Jill” section has both women’s items and general deals listed while the main section is more generic. The forum is fairly limited and many deals posted are older than a week. has a very easy to use interface which was recently redone. The site has a new shiny appearance that greatly aids in how shoppers can easily utilize its features. Navigating the different sections of the site is done via a top navigation bar. The main page has a scrolling menu system for top deals as well as a regular list of deals. Each type of deal listed is broken down into segments of product types. has one of the better navigational interfaces among the different deal sites reviewed.

Most items have limited descriptions with technical details. Some descriptions had problems with the text including text wrapping distortions. The descriptions are fairly moderate in their details but not elaborate.

Each deal list has a nice expired date listed to show when each deal will expire. This type of notation is a unique perk not found on many other deal sites and help shoppers quickly avoid discontinued deals. Shoppers can also mark each deal that has expired which can help the web managers to keep listings accurate. The site shows a daily deal posting in their daily deals section.

Site Navigation

Many of the deals are very good and offer good discounts. Brand name items and popular electronics are posted regularly. Coupon codes and other offers are also included in the deals listed. Major electronics such as HDTVs can be easily found on the site. Strangely enough, shoppers may be able to find a better listing of deals in the “Jill” section of the site than deals posted on the main section.

The easy to navigate structure of will help many novice shoppers to find great deals. However, a lack of a lengthy list of deals may spur some shoppers to seek deals elsewhere. The listing of deals is easy to read or just browse, a potential benefit for those with vision problems. The daily deals section offers some unique offers that are not found on other deal websites. The women’s section (BargainJill) also presents deals in a unique fashion that showcases both deals for products for women along with general deals. Some of the deals found are out of date which can make the search for deals a little more difficult than with sites that clean out their expired deals. Overall, BargainJack is a great place to find deals, but we recommend you start your bargain hunt at one of our higher-ranked hot deals sites.

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