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Techbargains is a technology-specific deal site. It offers many deal postings related to all things electronic and computer oriented. There are also non-techie items such as clothing, food, and other types of deals posted. In fact, offers both a wide selection of different tech oriented deals as well as a wide breadth of non-techie deals. Discount shoppers are sure to find many deals on the site.

Breadth of Deals

This hot deals website offers a price check page with an integrated PriceGrabber linking system, a deal page, coupon codes, categorical listings of product deals, and a vendor listing of deals. There are some interesting finds to be had on the site. After viewing the site I managed to find a lightsaber for $35 and a set of outdoor cameras. My favorite deal was the DSLR 230L camera by Sony for $390.00. There were sales listings for discounts offered by major retailers including Home Depot.

There are many nice deals to be found on the site. In fact, some of the deals are very valuable and can offer great savings. The different product types mean that all shoppers will be able to find great deals from the site, regardless of the site title.

Navigating the site is relatively easy due to its drop-down navigational menu bar. Each section can be clicked on in the navigation bar to show subsections below. Viewing the menu text is also easy with high contrasting text titles with a blue background. A classic interface is also available without the drop down menu system. One very unique system is a button to turn off images in the classic interface page. This can help shoppers with slower Internet connections to use the site faster.

Deal descriptions are concise and generally are only a sentence long. For quick browsers this type of listing can be a nice match. For shoppers that like to read through details about each deal, they may want to look elsewhere. The lack of detailed descriptions is one weak area of the site.

The deal listings are very accurate with time of postings and expiration notices when deals have become invalid. However, deals that have been posted longer than 24 hours are not updated; this means that ongoing deals (sales, discount promotions) may not get updated. This is unfortunate since many deals may last for a week or more including promotions or ongoing sales.

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The deals posted are excellent and the wide variety of deals will attract all types of shoppers. The quality of techie deals is excellent with different types of electronics and computer items posted by categories

The great variety and deal finds make a worthy contender among hot deals sites. Shoppers can break down electronic item types such as HDTV by their sizes for specific deals. The inclusion of both techie deals and general item types makes the site appealing for many shoppers. The one problem with the site was the deals older than 24 hours are not updated. Many discount offers may be ongoing promotions that last more than a day or week such as those offered by Dell. Shoppers will find such deal information to either be inaccurate or out of date. Overall, Techbargains is a nice deal site with many good deals to be found. See how compares with other quality hot deals sites.

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