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Developed by AI Internet Solutions, CSE HTML Validator is a popular, powerful, award-winning HTML editor. Strictly for HTML and CSS websites, it’s a strong little program, none-the-less, and not hard to learn or use. Although CSE HTML Validator isn’t recommended for those who have no knowledge of HTML and don’t want to learn, those interested in gaining coding skills will find it a great stepping off platform. If you need a program with more versatility, however, we recommended reading our higher-rated HTML editors.


Standout Features

CSE HTML Validator is an excellent HTML editor tool for beginning coders as well as seasoned veterans, due to an amazing array of “checkers.” HTML, XHTML and CSS checkers (aka validators) make sure that your website complies with modern browser technology and the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium: the organization that sets Internet and accessibility standards).

Link checkers verify that all your links are properly written and working. The Batch Wizard, available in the professional edition, allows site wide validation. As well, the HTML Tidy Tool can be used to automatically correct your webpage code. Combined with tools and guides for better placement on the SERPS (search engine results pages), CSE HTML Validator sets out to make sure your site is error free, search engine friendly and available to every visitor.

Compared to other HTML editors, CSE HTML Validator is pretty intuitive and easy to use for both beginners and advanced developers. Navigation is uncomplicated, managed through the use of menu drop-downs and tabbed panes. Each tab is neatly named to easily identify the area you want to use. It might take a few tries for beginners to get the feel of what each tool does, but with the support available, CSE HTML Validator has a short learning curve.

AI Internet Solutions goes out of their way to make sure you know how to use the program and use it well. Their community forums are dedicated to technical as well as development support and website critiques. Overall, their support system seems geared towards making sure you get the best results from their program. Although support and minor updates are free, priority support, maintenance and major upgrades are only offered for a fee.

Ease of Use

If you’re a beginning webmaster interested in testing the coding waters or an advanced developer that specializes in HTML, XHTML and CSS-based websites, we highly recommend CSE HTML Validator. Beginners will need to gather HTML and CSS coding resources, but will quickly gain a feel for writing code. If you prefer a visual editor with drag and drop capabilities, please read our Website Creation Software Review site for more information.

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