in wall speakers – Premier Acoustic PA-626 2017

When it comes to rich sound, a full range of great-performing components and the quality necessary for an excellent in-wall speaker, it is difficult to beat the Premier Acoustic PA-626. This well-designed in-wall speaker has what it takes to deliver the lows, the highs and the overall beauty of any music you want to play. On its website, Premier Acoustic displays the slogan, “What a beautiful sound,” and clearly this company credo carries over into its in-wall speakers.


The Premier Acoustic PA-626 in-wall speaker delivers stellar sound quality that makes listening a delight and since the quality is so good, you might expect to pay considerably more for a wall speaker like this. However, this speaker offers both excellent sound and a good value. The Premier Acoustic PA-626 easily earns our approval.

Premier Acoustic has been involved in home theater sound systems for more than two decades, so it is not surprising that this speaker shows the company’s strong level of expertise and understanding of the industry.

Human hearing varies from one person to the next, but in general, humans can hear a range of audio frequencies that starts at 20Hz and extends up to 20kHz.The Premier Acoustic PA-626 does not flawlessly match for the 20Hz to 20kHz range, but this wall mount speaker offers quite an acceptable 40Hz for its lowest frequency response and it goes up to the ideal 20kHz level for its highest frequency response. Its sensitivity is 89 decibels, which is a healthy level within our top-ranked products. The nominal impedance is 8 ohms.

You get some healthy volume with this wall speaker. The minimum amplifier power is 50 watts and it goes up to 150 watts, which means you get a really gratifying range of power so you can gear it toward the type of music you want to play given the mood you’re in at the time.

This in-wall speaker provides a full set of drivers, so you will be assured of a rich and full sound. You get two 6.5-inch Polygraphite woofers for those lower frequencies, a 1-inch tweeter for the higher frequencies and a 3-inch mid-range frequency driver for everything in between. You can adjust the tweeter and the mid-range driver so they are directed toward the area where you want the best sound. The crossover frequency is 2,500Hz.


This attractive speaker comes with a white mesh cover, a feature that is quiet standard in the in-wall speaker industry. However, you can paint it to match any wall color, making the speaker a low-key and scarcely noticeable, but still attractive, addition to any room.

This is a somewhat larger unit than average, but it is sturdy and durable. Despite the fact that it is a big larger than some of the other models we reviewed, it is not all that heavy. The Premier Acoustic PA-626 stands 20.9 inches high, is 7.9 inches wide and has a depth of 3.7 inches. It weighs in at 10.2 pounds.

It is always a delight when you call for help and get a real person who can look up information and make the effort to answer your questions, which is what you get with Premier Acoustic. You also can make use of email support if you should run into any difficulties. You receive a five-year warranty with this wall speaker, which is a fairly standard and high-quality warranty in the speaker industry.

The website has a frequently asked questions page, although the link appears to be broken. You get a user manual with the product. The printed manual is quite helpful, whether you are a do it yourselfer who is installing the device at home or you’ve hired the work out. Nonetheless, it would be nice to have a downloadable user manual on the website.

For a welcome listening experience, you can’t go wrong with the Premier Acoustic PA-626. The company could fix its FAQs link and perhaps go the extra mile to offer online user manuals, but these are not huge drawbacks when it comes to in-wall speakers. With this system, you get a durable and attractive product that provides the most important thing ??? truly fine sound quality.


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