indoor electric grills – West Bend 2017

The West Bend 6111 indoor electric grill is great for a small family or a single-person home. This versatile grill allows you to get creative with the meals you cook on it. The grill plate includes both a grill and a griddle surface, providing a surface for meat and side dishes. This electric grill has a glass lid, which allows you to steam food as well as grilling it. The glass lid gives it something of a crock pot effect and will keep the food tender and juicy. Its removable parts make it somewhat harder to assemble than many of the products in our indoor grill reviews, but easier to clean after each use. With its multipurpose functionality, empowering you to make tasty food of all kinds, this grill is worthy of the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Grilling Capabilities

When it came to grilling capabilities this grill preformed impressively. The meat we grilled on this device tasted more like an outdoor grill than the majority of grills in our lineup. When grilling vegetables on the griddle portion of the grill you get the benefit of the steam from the meat, which enhances the flavor of vegetables. The lid provides a similar tenderizing effect to that of a crock pot, though not to the same degree since this isn???t what you would call a slow cooker. However, it did cook more slowly than many of the grills in our lineup. It took over 10 minutes to cook a frozen hamburger patty to the USDA recommended internal temperature of 165 degrees. This was slightly below average. Some of the grills cooked the frozen burger to that temperature in less than five minutes.

This electric grill has four different temperature levels ??? low, medium, high and warm ??? and can cook from 180 degrees Fahrenheit on the warm setting to 375 degrees Fahrenheit on the high setting.

This grill passed the grease spatter test with flying colors and minimal grease and was one of the best grills in this area as well. The grease spatter range was only five inches, so clean up around the range was easy. Yet another strength of this grill was that it collected the most oil of any grill in our lineup, at 1.9 ounces. This is exactly what you want. Theoretically the more oil your grill collects from the meat???s drippings, the less you consume.

All of the strengths of this grill contributed to what was some of the best-tasting meat we experienced during testing. It tastes similar to meat cooked at an outdoor barbeque.

The unit comes apart, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. The base comes apart from the drip pan and the grill, so you can clean all the parts individually, making it easy to get a thorough cleaning after every use.

Prep & Cleanup

Its many parts made it somewhat harder to put together when compared to other grills. Only one grill in our lineup, the Delonghi BG24, took longer to assemble than this grill. Yet it was still relatively fast and only took about three and a half minutes to assemble. This grill provided a nice tradeoff since its various parts made clean-up easy, because each part could be cleaned and stored individually. The parts are dishwasher safe.

The cooking surface on this indoor electric grill is 15 inches long and 11 inches wide, which allows you to cook food for only about two people at once. The space will accommodate about two pieces of meat on the grill surface along with a handful of vegetables or other side dishes such as pancakes or eggs. The grill space can be a disadvantage if you are cooking for a big family. The grill space is limited when compared with other indoor grills in our lineup.

This kitchen grill has a one-year limited warranty, which is standard for this type of grill. If you have questions when assembling or using the grill, you can contact customer service via email or phone. The website has links to networks of users through Twitter and Facebook that can help you resolve issues and get recipes. Unfortunately there are no instructional videos available at the company website. We did find some homemade videos on YouTube, but the information was only somewhat helpful.

The West Bend 6111 indoor electric grill offers a unique surface with both a ribbed grill and griddle surface on one plate, so you can cook veggies and meat at the same time. Testing revealed that it was one of the best grills in our lineup. It collected more oil than any other grill in our lineup, which means you are consuming less grease. It did an effective job of locking in flavor with a glass lid that steams food as it cooks. The detachable parts make cleaning after every use quick and easy. It’s a great grill for a small home where a barbecue isn’t an option if you only need to cook for a small family.


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