industrial space heaters – DeWalt Industrial Space Heater 2017 – Top Tens

The DeWALT DXH215HD is a portable industrial space heater with wheels and a handle, so you can easily move this unit from space to space. With 215,000 BTUs per hour, the forced heater is a versatile portable option for indoor workers.

A 14-gallon fuel tank works with multiple fuel types, including kerosene, fuel oil, diesel and JP8 fuel, allowing you to choose the most available or inexpensive fuel. The industrial space heater runs for approximately eight hours per tank, so you only need to fill it up once for a standard workday.

The 120-pound space heater features wheels and a handle, so you can quickly load it on and off of trailers with ramps or push it to the area you need it most. This makes the heater a good fit for construction workers and contractors who have to work in unheated areas as well as unheated warehouses.

The 10-inch flat-free tires are durable enough to navigate over and around sharp objects and gravel. A roll cage on the top of the industrial space heater means that you can drop items on it, roll it or knock it over without damaging the fuel tank.

A maximum output of 215,000 BTUs per hour allows the industrial heater to heat up to 6,500 square feet, making it suitable for warehouses, homes and large garages. The forced heat quickly brings even the coldest areas up to temperature.

Recessed controls allow you to avoid accidentally changing the heating settings while moving or working around the heater. You can set the thermostat between 25 degrees and 95 degrees Fahrenheit from 0 degrees for high-temperature adjustment. The heating element features on/off cycles, allowing it to maintain the temperature you set without any other manual adjustments needed.

The continuous electronic ignition is always on to reduce the risk of fuels building up and becoming a hazard. When fuel fumes build up, it simply ignites them to avoid any danger.

This industrial space heater is not suitable for use in an unventilated work areas because, despite a low-odor engine, it creates fumes indoors. This means that you have to open a door, window or have some ventilation when using this industrial heater.

With the multifuel operation, a high heating capacity and convenient wheels for easy transportation, the DeWALT DXH215HD offers a solution for anyone in search of a portable heater.