industrial space heaters – Dimplex, 2017

The Dimplex CUH05B31T is an industrial electric heater with a steel body and seven available models ranging from 2 to 50 kilowatts. However, the low heat output makes it well suited for smaller areas such as garages, basements and small warehouses.

A durable steel body allows you to use this industrial space heater in a busy industrial area, because it can cope with heavy use. The heater features stainless steel ventilation to protect the fan; however, there are no finger guards. It also features a built-in mount for attaching the space heater to the ceiling for vertical airflow or to a wall for horizontal airflow.

Five adjustable louvers allow you to direct air wherever it is wanted or needed and change airflow based on where you are working. While the model is useful for heating small indoor spaces, it features a fan, which limits its use for outdoors. In addition, this unit is also not portable; instead it’s designed to be mounted to a wall or the ceiling. Spiral-finned heating elements let you replace the elements quickly. The steel grating and access windows are removable for faster servicing, making it a good fit in a high-use area.

Adjustable heating and a thermostat allow you to change the heat from low to high for quickly increasing or decreasing the heat based on the outside temperature. Heating capacity varies per model, but you get 200 cubic feet per minute of airflow or roughly 40,000 BTUs.

You can also use a jumper to quickly disable the built-in thermostat and heating controls so that you can wire it in directly to your existing thermostat system. This industrial electric heater is suited for use in garages, basements and other unventilated areas. It runs on 208???240 volts and plugs into a standard 240-volt outlet or wires directly into a power box depending on your needs. A small design makes this industrial heater suitable for installing in corners, in small areas and as an auxiliary heater. However, it also limits the capacity of the heater.

With a small design, low heating capacity and built-in mount, the Dimplex CUH05B31T is ideal for small basements, offices and garages, but you may need more than one for a larger area.