infrared grills – KitchenAid 720, 2017

The KitchenAid 720-0826 infrared grill has notable heat consistency and durability. However, it falls short in terms of power and grilling experience. Its extra-large size also makes it hard to move around.


Our heat consistency tests revealed that the KitchenAid 720 has an even distribution of heat across the main cooking area. It also maintains a stable low temperature over time, which contributes to good roasting performance. The ceramic infrared burner is confined to a side burner outside the main cooking surface. This burner does not produce as much heat as other ceramic burners in our review and is intended only for searing before you finish cooking on the main grill.

The KitchenAid 720’s eight burners with a total of 91,000 Btu takes seven minutes to preheat to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is slower than most infrared grills in our review and shows that the grill doesn’t have very much power compared to the best infrared grills. The KitchenAid 720 is good for cooking large quantities of food but doesn’t produce the same quality results with steak, fish, chicken and hamburgers as the best infrared barbecue grills.

In terms of physical size, the KitchenAid 720 is the largest infrared grill in our review. The cooking surface is 850 square inches, which means you can cook a mountain of food on this grill. The grill’s construction makes it very durable but adds up to 228 pounds, which makes it difficult for one person to move alone. The grill only has two swiveling caster wheels, which further hinders its maneuverability. This is the primary reason for the low grilling experience score of 65 percent.

The KitchenAid 720’s features include self-cleaning, a temperature gauge and the ability to run on natural gas with a conversion kit. It improves its overall grilling experience with added features, such as a slide-out rack that makes connecting the propane tank very easy and side and rear burners for added cooking space. The grill has halogen lighting to help you see the cooking surface at night.

Nexgrill, the manufacturer, protects this grill with a decent warranty. The lid and cooking grates have three-year protection, while the parts warranty lasts one year. The burners have a solid 10-year warranty. However, this is the only infrared gas grill in our review without a warranty on the cookbox, which means you’ll have to replace the whole grill if it gets damaged to the point where it affects grill performance. Nexgrill offers customer support via email, telephone and an online FAQs database.

The KitchenAid 720-0826 is a good infrared barbecue grill for durability, heat consistency and numerous features. However, its grilling experience doesn’t compare well to those of other infrared grills in our review, particularly with how difficult it is to move.