infrared headphones – Audiovox Wireless Headphones

While the Audiovox Wireless Headphones are durable and produce clear audio, they are very limited in their ability and only work with designated Audiovox DVD players. The DVD players have a transmitter which sends the signal to the infrared headphones and provides audio. The headphones are for in-vehicle entertainment systems and have the smallest effective range of any infrared headphones we looked at. However, we selected them to be one of the top 10 best infrared headphones because during our research we found many users were extremely pleased with the audio and the design.


As we mentioned above, these TV headphones don???t come with a transmitter, like most infrared headphones do ??? instead they are sold separately. They are compatible with many of the Audiovox overhead DVD players that you can have professionally wired into your car. Once you have the DVD player or infrared transmitter hooked up to your vehicle, you will be able to use multiple pairs of the IRHSCS Wireless Headphones to receive the audio.

Because they were designed for in-vehicle entertainment systems, the effective range is only 10 feet. While this doesn???t seem like much compared to many other infrared headphone products, it is all most people will need within their vehicle. The infrared signal has an effective degree of 90 degrees. This means you can be angled 45 degrees to the right or left of the transmitter and the audio will still come in clearly.. The infrared receivers are in each of the earpieces so the headphones don???t have to be in a completely straight line with the infrared signal to receive the audio; those who sit on the right side of the vehicle, or the left, can also receive the signal.

These infrared headphones do have an automatic shutoff feature which will turn the headphones off after three minutes without an audio signal. Each pair of headphones also comes with personal volume control and a power switch.

Like other infrared headphones, the IRHSCS Wireless Headphones run on two AAA batteries. They are made of plastic, and while they have a soft, flexible design that makes them comfortable for wearing, they are more durable than many infrared headphones and can handle most of the beating that comes from travel. The headphone strap goes on top of your head instead of running behind, and the design of the earpieces seems to seal your ear from outside noise. We were thrilled with the fit and feel of the ear pads; however, they aren???t replaceable so we don’t think they are the most kid-friendly.

On the Audiovox product page for the IRHSCS Wireless Headphones you can access FAQs, the owner???s manual, a product registration link and the warranty card. All of these are simple to access and very helpful in providing product information. Contacting the Audiovox customer support team is not as simple, however. In the bottom-left corner of the website is a Contact Us link. You may have to look close because it???s a light grey text link that almost disappears against the white background of the site.

The Contact Us page gives you several different options, allowing you to pull product FAQs, contact Audiovox and access general contact information. To send an email, you must create an account with Audiovox and fill out a form. It was simple, but a little more time consuming than simply sending an email. We also found a toll-free phone number that we called, and after a 15-minute wait, we were told that we needed to call a different number. The wait wasn???t nearly as long, but the customer support representative was hurried and didn???t answer some of our questions. While we believe that Audiovox will provide mostly adequate support, and will stand by their warranty, they aren???t the easiest to work with.

Overall, we felt like the Audiovox Wireless Headphones work well and offer a comfortable, durable design. It???s important to note that they are only compatible with an Audiovox in-vehicle entertainment system, which doesn???t fit every user???s need. If this is what you are looking for, we believe you will be very pleased with both the audio quality and the comfort of these headphones.