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Hisense isn’t well known domestically, but this company is one of world’s biggest TV manufacturers. Hisense has teamed with Roku to create the Hisense Roku TV, one of the most interesting internet TVs on the market. This Roku interface makes for an easy user experience. It also comes at a budget-friendly price. In fact, it is one of the most affordable smart TVs on the market.


Most smart TVs include their own app hubs, some more user-friendly than others. Roku is one of the most popular internet media streaming services, partly because of its intuitive navigation. Whether or not you’re familiar with the Roku interface, you’ll enjoy the layout and organization of the user-friendly smart hub on this TV.

When comparing the Hisense Roku TV’s picture against the best smart TVs, it comes up a little short. First, it has a slow 60 Hz refresh rate. This is fine for some content, but high-speed sports and action movies look smoother with a higher refresh rate. The picture is also not as crisp as some of the better smart TVs. The colors and contrast levels of this Hisense Roku TV are just passable. The speakers on this TV are a bit weaker than most LED TV speakers, which are already pretty lacking. Hisense only has two smart TV sizes, 50 and 55 inches, to choose from.

This TV has three HDMI ports, which is average. The best smart TVs have four. We were surprised that this TV has no Ethernet port. It can connect to the internet wirelessly, which is the more common connection in American homes anyway.

Hisense customer service has email or telephone support but does not have a live chat option on its website.

This Hisense TV does not hit all the highest marks. However, if you want a smart TV with one of the best and most intuitive app interfaces at an entry-level bargain price, the Hisense Roku TV is the way to go. The Roku interface is familiar to consumers, and even though the picture is not competitive with the best smart TVs, it is definitely acceptable for the price.