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Griffin has several iPod car chargers available on the market, each with different pros and cons. One such product is the Griffin PowerJolt, a one USB charging device available in either white or black. It is compatible with most iPods and standard USB devices like smartphones, GPS units and more.


The Griffin PowerJolt can charge almost anything that connects via the Apple connection or a USB end. This iPod car charger outputs up to 5 volts or 2 amps, so it is unable to charge the iPad which needs at least 2.1 amps of power at all times. Other everyday devices, though, like the iPod, iPhone or another smartphone are easily charged. Griffin’s website specifies which generations of the iPod this model will charge, but mainly it is those that connect via the standard Apple connection. Those that require a non-standard charging cable aren???t compatible.

Many iPod car chargers include a circuit breaker to absorb extra power that may surge through your car???s power source, and for good reason. This excess energy could potentially damage the electronic device receiving that power surge. The PowerJolt???s surge protector is located on the outside of the charger, so if it does absorb a power surge, it can be easily replaced. It’s pretty simple to pull out the damaged fuse with tweezers and replace with any inexpensive, 2 amp blade-type fuse. The PowerJolt is equipped with one USB port located on the face of the product. While we wish it came with two ports, we do like that you can choose between a white or black fa??ade depending on your car???s interior. The PowerJolt is the only product we found that comes in a color besides black.

The Griffin PowerJolt is quite large compared to its competitors. It doesn???t sit flush in your car???s power outlet, instead it sticks out at least an inch, if not more. On the flip side, this extra length could be listed as a ???pro??? as well. It’s big enough that you won’t easily lose it, yet small enough to be very portable. We also like the power status indicator light located on the top of the iPod car charger. When your device is charging, the indicator will be an amber color; when the charging is completed, the indicator will turn green.

Griffin???s website is simple to navigate, but it is somewhat lacking in information about the PowerJolt. The PowerJolt???s product page has general information, and on the right hand side of the page you???ll note a link entitled: PowerJolt for iPhone support. This link takes you to an FAQs page with a total of five answered questions. Needless to say, our questions were not answered through Griffin???s website. However, we did receive an email back from our inquiries with an offer for additional assistance. The email answered all of our questions, but for more immediate support you can always call their technical support line from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday or 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday (CST.) A one-year warranty is included.

Griffin???s PowerJolt is a handy little iPod charger to have with you when you’re on the go. It is small and portable, but not too small ??? big enough to not misplace. One USB port with a detachable iPod charging cable means you can charge your iPod, but you can also charge other USB devices as needed. Griffin???s one-year warranty is solid and current users will attest how Griffin stands behind their products.


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