ipod clock radio – Scosche IALM3

The Schosche IALM3 iPod dock with alarm has a fantastic sound quality. This iPod clock radio has a great bass sound, which is rare for small speakers, and the design is ultra-sleek. However, many of the time, alarm and other settings are difficult to use. There are no dual alarms and the iPhone clock radio does not sync with the iPod to make time settings easy.


The Schosche IALM3 iPhone clock radio will allow you to wake up to the iPod, buzzer or radio alarm. The iPod or iPhone will also charge throughout the night. The device also has a line-in jack that will allow you to connect it with anything that has a headphone jack, such as other MP3 players or other phones. However, this line will not charge the other devices and cannot be used as an alarm.

The iPod clock radio has a completely back lit display and can be used as an FM radio, but does not have AM radio frequency reception. There are 20 preset stations and the reception is clear. It can be totally portable, but requires 6 AA batteries and the batteries do not last long. Also, when the iPod clock radio is in battery mode, it will not recharge your iPod or iPhone.

The alarm settings on this iPhone clock radio are extremely limited. You cannot set dual alarms. There are no weekday and weekend settings. Also, the alarm is set by adding numbers, so if you pass the time you are looking for, you???ll have to scroll through the entire hour again. When you have the alarm set, you cannot set the sleep function to fall asleep listening to music.

For being such a small speaker box, the Schosche IALM3 iPod clock radio produces quite an impressive sound. Even at high volumes we didn???t notice much playback and the customizable sound settings helped us find the sound we enjoyed most. The iPhone clock radio has one of the best sound qualities we reviewed.

Most audiophiles and those that are accustomed to listening to their music in a 5.1 channel surround sound system will not be satisfied with the sound produced by this device. However, compared to other similar iPhone clock radios, the Schosche model is impressive and has a stronger bass than most other devices. We also liked the customizable sound settings on the iPod clock radio.


The lack of important alarm features, such as dual alarms, weekday settings and time setting functions, make this alarm difficult to use. We also didn???t like how you have to have the alarm switch turned on as well as the alarm button pressed, or the alarm will not sound. This extra step is confusing and unnecessary.

The manufacturer provides various avenues to receive customer support on the website. There are links for downloadable manuals, email addresses and toll-free telephone numbers. There is even an online chat option for instant customer service. We were able to find the answers to all our questions related to this product quickly and easily.

Despite excellent customer service options and an above average bass boost on the Schosche IALM3 iPod clock radio, we missed several important features such as dual alarms and other settings. For a device that has a similar sound quality and all the best features, we suggest you check out the iHome iP90.

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