irons – Sunbeam Iron 2017

The Sunbeam GCSBCS1 iron has impressive steam capabilities and nice convenience features. It also has safety features and good customer service options for peace of mind, letting you iron and steam your clothes fairly easily.


You can use great horizontal and vertical steam power with this steam iron, thanks to its 1,500 watts. With the 244 steam holes, your fabrics will get the steam attention they need. After a series of steam bursts, you only have to wait a short six seconds for steam to regenerate. A convenient switch lets you control the steam quantity, and an anti-drip system eliminates soleplate leakage.

The soleplate is U-shaped and made of stainless steel, and it can heat up to the lowest setting in 34 seconds. However, the unit feels cheaply made and unwieldy. It measures 6.5 x 5.9 x and 12.3 inches and weighs 2.83 pounds. The weight is not distributed well, so it was somewhat difficult to maneuver over most fabrics in our tests.

The swivel cord measures 10.25 inches long. The iron’s interface is easy to understand, with simple buttons; however, the fabric and temperature dial is on the front of the iron, not within easy reach of the handle area. Once the iron has heated up to your chosen setting, both a light and a tone signal alert you.

The built-in reservoir holds 10.1 ounces of water, which means you won’t have to refill as often. The reservoir has a sealed cover, so you’ll never have to worry about leaks. The GCSBCS1 also has a self-cleaning function, which extends the iron’s life.

If you happen to get sidetracked or forget to unplug the iron, you won’t have to worry, because the Sunbeam is programmed to automatically shut off if left unused for 15 minutes in the upright position. If left on its side or face down, it shuts off in 30 seconds to prevent scorching or further damage. Additionally, the iron body stays cool and is never uncomfortable to hold because of a lack of heat containment.

You can check out Sunbeam’s FAQs section on its website or the online product manual if you have questions about the product. If you want to talk with one of Sunbeam’s customer service representatives, they are available by phone, email or live chat. The iron comes with the standard one-year warranty.

The Sunbeam GCSBCS1 is a large, clunky iron with average wattage, but it works well enough on most fabrics. It is not very comfortable to hold or maneuver, but it has a lot of steam settings, which is nice if you’ll be doing a lot of steaming, and the safety and convenience features make it fairly easy to use.