kitchen design software – TurboFloorPlan 3D, 2017

The TurboFloorPlan 3D Home and Landscape Deluxe kitchen design software combines construction tools with 3D features that let you design a true-to-life kitchen. We chose the Home and Landscape Deluxe kitchen software as our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner for its design options combined with practical tools for planning plumbing, electrical and HVAC configurations.

Planning Tools

This 3D kitchen planner allows you to create a virtual kitchen in three dimensions for a more realistic room rendering than you get with a 2D illustration. We are impressed with its 3D walkthrough feature that allows you to travel through your kitchen plans so you can visualize what it will be like when complete. This foresight helps you make informed choices so you don’t have to make costly design changes further down the road.

The software allows you to enter precise dimensions, eliminating guesswork. For example, you can tell whether the new side-by-side fridge you want will actually fit, and you can measure cabinets and appliances using standard or metric measurements since the program includes both.

Image import allows you to insert your own photos into your plans and kitchen design templates or you can get ideas from professional design experts. Altering the templates is easy so you can make adjustments for your individual needs, and the software can track the materials you use and generate a cost estimate to keep you within a budget.

The only important feature this kitchen planner lacks is the ability to save final plans to a PDF file, which means you will have to install a print driver to share files. It is important to save your plans to a PDF to send to contractors, especially if you want to subcontract out electrical or plumbing jobs and are looking to obtain bids.

Planning a functional and efficient kitchen involves deciding what goes behind the walls as well as what’s in front of them. This kitchen design program enables you to create plans that outline every phase of your remodel. You plan where the electrical power components, circuits and outlets go, so you can strategize accordingly for installing island, recessed or cabinet lighting. A tool called the Precision Lighting Planner lets you view the effects of the light so you know how far the light reaches from each fixture and you can estimate how much sunlight will illuminate the room.

Construction Tools

If you want to build a vent over your stove with air ducts to carry smoke outside, the HVAC planning tool comes in handy. Additionally, there is a material paintbrush included which lets you select wall colors and textures to help make your design both attractive and functional.

Object libraries contain things like flooring options, light fixtures and window coverings. This kitchen planning software offers an assortment of 3,000 appliances, counter to ps, cabinets and hardware options. The more design options you have, the better. The company’s product library includes brand-name materials that you can test before you purchase, and eco-friendly materials are included so you can select recycled glass counters and bamboo cabinets.

There are predesigned drag-and-drop cabinets you can import into your design plan as well as a selection of handles, knobs, shelving and drawers that let you plan the final additions. Additionally, the design software has approximately 50 options for furniture groupings, so you can rearrange tables, chairs and bar stools without lifting a finger.

The company offers a free trial with unlimited access to all of its features and tools. The website has a support center with community forums and a FAQs page with answers to commonly asked questions. There is an email link and a toll-free number for asking company agents’ questions directly. There are over 100 instructional videos on a variety of topics and step-by-step instructions on how to use the software along with design tips.

This kitchen design software has 3D features, a large object library and construction tools so you can create a beautiful and functional kitchen. The large quantity of instructional videos makes the software easy to learn, so no experience is required to navigate its interface. This software is ideal for any do-it-yourself kitchen remodel project, especially if you want to be involved in planning every detail.

Design Object Library

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