label makers – Brother 2017

The Brother P-Touch Label Maker allows you to customize labels for both indoor and outdoor projects. With hundreds of symbols to choose from, you can design and print messages in seconds.

This Brother label printer comes with a simple graphical display that shows you how your labels will look, so you can proof them before you print them. It shows up to 15 characters at once, displaying a single line of text on the LCD screen. The display size is average and is well balanced with the size of the device. The label printer comes with a QWERTY keyboard for easy input, and it requires six AAA batteries or an AC connection to operate.

The P-Touch Label Maker works with TZe tape that measure up to 12 millimeters in width. This tape come with a laminated surface that protects printed messages, making it an adequate choice for both indoor and outdoor projects. The unit itself prints the labels, but it does not include an automatic slicing feature. Instead, the label is torn off once the printing process is complete. This label printer works with different kinds of TZe tape, so you can use the printer with iron-on fabric labels in addition to traditional stick-on labels.

The unit also comes with built-in memory. This means that you can store your favorite or most commonly used designs for later use. It stores up to 30 unique label designs, making it an appropriate option if you print the same labels often. This feature makes it an especially effective tool for retail settings and classroom environments.

Though the label maker’s LCD display only shows one line of text, the printer prints up to two lines at a time. It uses split-back labels to simplify label application, and the labels attach to a variety of materials, like folders, work spaces, clothing and storage units. The labels split from their protective backing and quickly secure where you need them.

This label maker comes with 12 pattern modes and 95 unique frames. It lets you choose from more than 600 symbols and six name badge formats. These customization options let you create unique labels for all sorts of projects. It prints at a moderate quality of 180 dots per inch, and at a rate of 20 millimeters of label tape per second.

The Brother P-Touch Label Maker can effectively serve in both home and professional office environments. The display size and memory allow this printer to function well as both a handheld and desktop device.