laser line level – Craftsman 2017

The Craftsman 48250 2-beam Self-Leveling Laser Level is a decent laser level that has an excellent mounting base that adds extra layers of usability, such as the ability to dial in on a specific height and attach to a wall in various ways and to a tripod. However, the level does not have as high of an accuracy rating as the best laser line levels we reviewed, and the company lacks several support options.


According to the manufacturer, the tool self-levels so long as it is positioned within four degrees of level, meaning you don’t have to spend time meticulously adjusting the tool for it to project a perfectly level line. During our research, we found that most people had no issue getting the tool to create true level and plumb lines, but the units we tested had difficulty performing accurately.

Once you move the laser line level or bump it, it takes approximately five seconds for it to self-level. It has a loud out-of-level indicator, which is helpful, but it can get slightly annoying after hearing it a few times. That being said, the loud indicator is definitely preferable to not having an indicator.

The Craftsman 48250 projects both vertical and horizontal lines, either individually or together. The level projects a line at approximately 110 degrees, meaning it can spread across an entire room without issue. According to Craftsman, the laser level can project a visible line up to 100 feet away, but during our tests, we found the line was difficult to see at 50 feet and very blurry at 100 feet. At 30 feet, the level produces a sharp, crisp line with an accuracy rating of a quarter inch, which isn’t the most accurate we have seen but is still respectable.

This cross-line laser level includes a base mount that allows you to quickly adjust the level to your needs. In addition to a standard camera tripod connection, the base mount includes strong magnets that allow you to attach the level to a metal surface, which is quick and easy if available. It also includes two specially designed pushpins that you can use to attach the level to drywall, as well as double-sided adhesives that you can use to attach it to a number of surfaces. The mount itself allows you to adjust the height by twisting a knob located on either side of the unit, allowing you to dial in on a specific height, which is helpful. Overall, this mount is amazing and adds new levels of versatility to the unit.

The company offers the full Craftsman warranty on this laser line level, meaning you can replace the unit for free if it fails to give you complete satisfaction within one year of purchase. Unfortunately, the company does not offer an online user guide or FAQs section, which would have been helpful. If you have any questions while using the product, you can contact the company via email or phone.

The Craftsman 48250 2-beam Self-Leveling Laser Level will serve you well on a number of projects, but it lacks the high level of accuracy found in other cross-line laser levels. The company lacks some basic help features on its website, such as an online user guide and FAQs section, which is unfortunate. Overall, this laser level is a good tool with numerous uses.