latex mattresses – Royal Latex Quilt-Top 2017

If you regularly experience pain in your back, neck or joints after a night of rest, your mattress likely isn’t designed correctly. The Royal Latex Quilt-Top Queen is a latex mattress that attempts to solve the common issue faced by many consumers of relieving pressure on your body as you sleep without unnaturally curving your body. Each part of the mattress is specially designed to offer varying levels of firmness or softness to support your spin in a natural and comfortable position.

This natural latex mattress features the popular 7-Zone, a Talanay natural latex core developed through sleep studies performed by the Kirshgartenclinic in Switzerland. The mattress gets its name from how the mattress relieves pressure points in seven areas of your body. It specifically targets your torso, shoulders and knees to reduce joint pressure whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach.

The 7-Zone is best described as firmness zones, providing varying levels of support and comfort for each area of your body. For example, the upper back and pelvic areas are designed to offer pressure point relief and correct spinal alignment, whereas the lumbar area is more firm for relieving back pressure. While this means you can’t flip the all-natural latex mattress to reduce wear, it does mean you’re more likely to wake up pain free each morning.

The Royal Latex Quilt-Top Queen is an ideal mattress whether you use it on a box spring or platform bed. On hard surfaces, the inherent softness and support offered by the organic latex mattress will ensure it forms to the contours of your body. Typically, a box spring is used to enhance the level of support offered in a mattress, but this one excels without one, relying entirely on its multiple layers of dense latex for the best sleeping experience.

A significant amount of research was put into creating the Royal Latex Quilt-Top Queen, as evident through its approach to varying levels of firmness and softness in the mattress. The 7-Zone core provides a different level of support from other mattresses. Rather than simply offering a soft mattress top like other latex beds, this one gives pressure where pressure is needed to ensure you wake without the usual amount of pain.