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Learnissimo is a tutor-based website that brings quality materials and online tutoring together. In their tutoring program, Learnissimo offers flexibility, personalization, and a library of teaching tools to the beginning and advanced student. Seven well qualified French tutors are available at your request, and you can even schedule lessons with one and choose another one later. In a tutor’s profile, you can view the number of students that they are currently teaching, the amount of lessons that they’ve taught, where they live, areas of specialization, student feedback, and even other languages they are familiar with. This highly customizable and personable website makes Learnissimo a great program for anyone looking to learn French online.; Your needs will be determined by you and your selected tutor. After you’ve determined your language level and needs, you can choose one of four lesson bundles or “packs.” You can buy lessons in bulk after this manner, or you can choose to take your classes individually.; Supplemental materials are determined by your tutor and no materials are offered directly from the website. Tutors may assign supplemental material to aid in your learning. A unique benefit of this approach is that you will be exposed to much of the French culture simply by talking with a native tutor, opening extra opportunities to learn French online with your personal tutor.; An inter-student community is not present on Learnissimo, though their community of tutors spans the globe. A tutor is available for French in many French speaking countries and while no community is offered, the impressive spread of tutors makes up for this shortage.


A FAQs section and online support feature are included with Learnissimo. An international phone number and mailing address are available as well. All standard technical support features are included.

If you’re looking to learn French online with a personal tutor, Learnissimo is a good place to start. The pricing of Learnissimo is less flexible than some websites that allow you to choose a tutor, ranking it just slightly lower. Learnissimo is a good way to dabble in French culture and language to see if it is something you are likely to pursue without spending a lot of money on a full language package.