learn german software – Unforgettable Languages German 2017

Unforgettable Languages: German 1 is a basic vocabulary building program that will help you learn German words through the Linkword learning method. German is an interesting and sometimes difficult language, but if you use word association to make connections in your mind, your recollection success rate goes up.


This learn German software use the Linkword method to teach you German. The Linkword learning method is an interesting and fun way to expand your German vocabulary. How this works is you are given an English word, then the German word. Unforgettable Languages then gives you an association to picture in your mind for 10 seconds. For example, the German word for “spider” is “Spinne.” So you think of a spider spinning a web and the Linkword method creates an image that you will associate with the word “spider.” The Linkword method is used for every vocabulary word in the German 1 course.

The Unforgettable Languages: German 1 software includes 400 vocabulary words as well as grammar instruction on a single CD. This course only takes 10-12 hours to complete on average. Each word in this software has audio narration by a native speaker to help you learn the correct pronunciation. There are also interactive quizzes to test your retention and comprehension.

This software covers a wide range of topics, starting with animals, then common household objects, numbers, colors and foods. You also will learn how to tell time in German and words that will help you at restaurants, shopping or at the doctor???s office.

This learn German software is compatible with all Windows operating systems, including Windows 8, as well as Mac OS X. If you have questions or trouble using the software, Unforgettable Languages is available toll free by phone or email. Unfortunately, they are not available on weekends or holidays. Unforgettable Languages: German 1 comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

When you want to take an unconventional approach to learning German vocabulary, Unforgettable Languages: German 1 is a program to consider. Unfortunately, it does not give you much beyond an expanded vocabulary.