learn italian software – Rosetta Stone Italian

One of the most well known language learning software brands is Rosetta Stone. The company has managed to streamline the process of learning how to speak Italian by making an attractive interface and relying on memorization techniques. Rosetta Stone focuses on teaching you the Italian language through images and associating terms. It is meant to replicate the way children learn. Once you get a foundation in basic vocabulary, the education process moves quickly.


This Italian software’s word and image association become second nature. The images are up to date, and there is such a wide variety that you’ll notice you know the Italian term for everything around you. That’s the purpose of this Italian language software. It’s not just straight memorization. With Rosetta Stone Italian, you’re meant to think of definitions in Italian just as quickly as you think in English.

In our critique of Italian language software, we found that there are fewer frills in this application than there are in some competing products, which is why it doesn’t rank higher among the best Italian educational software. For example, it is missing features that come standard in high quality foreign language software, such as a dictionary, videos and a word and root search.

A great aspect of Rosetta Stone Italian is that you can enjoy live online lessons. These permit you practice speaking Italian with native Italian-speaking tutors. In addition, there are Italian language games you can play to expand your ability to understand the language by using Italian in real-life situations rather than just a home-study atmosphere.

Among other things, you get an outstanding speech-recognition application with Rosetta Stone that can go a long way toward advancing your learning process. You can easily get feedback on your accent and pronunciation, and you can heighten your ability to speak the language as well as understand it.

One of Rosetta Stone Italian’s strong points is its ability to help quickly build a person’s Italian vocabulary. The software’s image and word association feature is not only fun to use, but it is effective as well. For traditional-minded students who prefer to learn the rules of grammar first, the grammar sections of this application may be a bit frustrating because Rosetta Stone Italian’s approach does not list rules. Instead, this program is based on the philosophy of teaching grammar using an image-word association technique.

With Rosetta Stone Italian, you will get some of the best customer help and support of any company we reviewed. There are FAQs and tutorials on the company’s website to help you with navigation and basic problems. Although the user manual is very basic, the phone and email support options are both useful and helpful, and you’ll receive a speedy response to any questions you might have. You also get the extremely helpful and immediate support of live chat.

If you embrace the language-immersion philosophy for learning Italian, Rosetta Stone Italian has made it as simple as it could possibly be to study Italian for beginners. Rosetta Stone Italian may not have quite as many tools as other applications, but many students have found its philosophy and approach to be highly appealing and effective in easing them into learning Italian in a way that feels natural and comfortable. If you opt for Rosetta Stone Italian, you will find that you have chosen an intuitive way to learn Italian and that you will actually remember what you have learned.