learn japanese software – Learn It Now Chinese & Japanese

The Learn It Now Chinese & Japanese Premier program is an amalgam of the Learn Chinese Now and Learn Japanese Now software from Berlitz. This learn Japanese software offers an interactive language learning experience and provides affordable Japanese lessons for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. It includes Mandarin lessons as well, but this neither aid nor detract from the Japanese lessons.


This Japanese teaching software has many of the same tools that you???ll find in most Japanese Learning Suites; the only difference is the learning curve at the start, which seems to be a little steep for a beginner. This can be seen as a bonus, however, because it forces you to give your all to the process of learning Japanese. Its video lessons have native speakers and personnel, allowing you to get an even better feel of correct culture and pronunciations. The vocabulary tools and word recognition activities are numerous and thorough, with a large arsenal of words to back you up in your learning process.

While learning with this program, you will find yourself learning topics necessary in everyday life. These topics include things such as travel terms, numbers, money management, meetings and greetings, and asking for directions. After completing the program, you will find yourself able to immerse yourself into Japanese culture without feeling like a complete outsider.

Learn It Now makes it easy to perfect your accent by playing interactive games, which help you not only recognize advanced Japanese speech and correct pronunciation but to have fun while doing it. This program contains an array of interactive games to help you retain vocabulary in a more effective way than simply reading flashcards would.

One of the most prominent downsides to this language-learning program is the fact that it does not include resources for teaching the Japanese alphabets effectively. All instruction is done in Romaji, which is the language converted into the Roman alphabet. This means that while you???ll be able to speak well, you probably won???t be able to read it.

On the positive side, Learn It Now Chinese & Japanese Premier is more mobile than most other Japanese learning software applications. It comes with access to a mobile app for your iPad or iPhone. When coupled with the mobile audio lessons, which can be transferred to any iPod or MP3 player, this software has the capacity to go anywhere you do. If you need to learn Japanese while traveling, this is one of the best choices.

Learn It Now Chinese & Japanese Premier is a great program to use if you want to learn how to speak Japanese. The interactive Japanese lessons are fun to complete, and the ability to take the lessons with you is a great bonus. While adding Mandarin into the mix allows you to get more for your money, it really doesn???t add any value to the Japanese lessons. In the end, however, this software works well for basic Japanese language instruction.