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approval winner, Portuguese Complete Edition, has the works when it comes to helping you learn Portuguese. This software, created by Transparent Language, gives you a large assortment of vocabulary, grammar and voice recognition instruction that will be crucial in learning Brazilian Portuguese. This program comes with one easy-to-install disc with everything necessary for language fluency. It also comes with four audio CDs so you can take your learning on the go. Plus, you can convert the audio lessons to files you can play on an iPod or MP3 player.; The flash cards teach an impressive amount of vocabulary, nearing 65,000 words and phrases. With three programs packaged in this one edition, Portuguese Complete becomes non-linear. It’s never quite clear where new language learners are supposed to begin.; What makes Portuguese Complete Edition unique is its focus on catering to every learning style, helping any learner master the Portuguese language. We found our vocabulary immediately growing with the repetition of the activities and games. This software will test and chart your skills in listening comprehension, reading, writing and conversing in Portuguese.


Portuguese Complete Edition covers all the fundamentals for learning Portuguese with many added features along the way. There are hundreds of flash cards to build your vocabulary, and additional exercises will allow you to use the vocabulary in reading and talking. One feature that helps make sure you are on track is the speech recognition tool, which compares your pitch, tone, vowels and more to a native speaker.; You are given the option to take your learning on the road with integrated iPod and MP3 player media files or use one of their four audio CDs. With multiple ways to learn while on the go, you will never have to worry about too much time passing between your study sessions and forgetting what you learned.

We are quite pleased with the variety of different tools that Portuguese Complete Edition offers for teaching the basics of Portuguese. With features and tools such as crossword puzzles, flash cards, reading and writing practice, and a variety of others, this software has the tools you need to learn to speak Portuguese.; Slow Sound is one of the standout features that make Portuguese Complete Edition such a successful program. It allows you to slow each Portuguese word down so you can hear how each syllable is pronounced. A voice recognition feature measures your pitch, tone, and vowels to make sure you are saying the words the way a native speaker would say them.; Portuguese reading and listening are well-covered and there is a vast source of online reading and videos to help improve your comprehension.; Lexicon Translation Dictionary, a glossary and in-program translation tool, will help make sure you know what each word means and how to use it in a sentence. Transparent Language has done all they can to make sure that you understand how each word is being used at any given time.; Portuguese Complete Edition makes learning a new language not only easy but also fun. With a number of games that range from crossword puzzles to word scrambles, Portuguese Complete Edition lets you practice the Portuguese you’re learning and keeps the process engaging.

Portuguese Complete Edition allows you to track what you have learned and how well you do on tests with an easy-to-read pie graph. Sections that you have recently learned will be shown in green, while those that you have not reviewed in a while will turn yellow so you’ll know to look over them again to refresh your memory.; The Portuguese Complete Edition???s homepage consists of multiple interactive books that keep track of your progress and let you select the lesson you want to work on. There is no set order in the learning process, which can be a good thing if you want to know something right at that moment, but this can also cause problems trying to keep things on track. It’s not always clear where to start or where to go next.

Transparent Language has plenty of help and support that you can at anytime, including online FAQs, an in-program tutorial and helpful hints throughout the program. If you are still having troubles with anything, there are also email and phone support lines for additional help.

Transparent Language’s Complete Portuguese Complete Edition is a great vocabulary and grammar-learning program with many little extras to help you keep track of your progress and retain what you have learned. However, because the lessons don’t always follow a linear path, you may get a little confused about where to begin and how best to proceed. Overall, Transparent Language’s Complete Portuguese Edition effectively teaches you the basics of Portuguese vocabulary and grammar. And what’s more, you’ll have a good time learning it.

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