led light bulbs – Philips 433227 2017

Philips LED bulbs are widely available and range in power consumption and design, but the 10.5-watt Slim Style LED is one of the most unique designs. While most LED bulb manufacturers try to make their lights look like traditional incandescent bulbs, Philips slimmed down this bulb, making it look much like a lollipop where the LED lights are housed, while the bottom part retains the traditional light bulb shape and connection.


This LED light fits easily into any standard-size light fixture and is an optimal replacement bulb for lamps, ceiling fixtures and wall sconces. The SlimStyle bulb is not designed for outdoor use or in enclosed fixtures. The best LED light bulbs last more than 20 years, and the SlimStyle bulb has a long 22.8-year lifetime. That’s about 96 percent longer than a traditional incandescent bulb lasts.

In addition to lasting longer, this LED provides light comparable to a 60-watt bulb while only using 10.5 watts of power. This means that you can save considerable amounts of energy and money by replacing your current incandescent lights with the SlimStyle LED light. If you use this bulb an average of three hours a day, seven days a week, it will only cost $1.32 per day to run. This is great news for your monthly power bill.

This bulb is also safe for the environment, as no harmful substances, such as mercury, were used in the manufacturing of the light bulb. This also makes the Philips SlimStyle LED easier to recycle when it finally comes to the end of its lifecycle. Another great feature of this LED light bulb is that you can use it with modern dimmer switches, allowing you to set the mood you want with the soft light of the SlimStyle bulb.

If your Philips SlimStyle LED light fails within the first three years, Philips will replace it as it is covered by a warranty. Unfortunately, this is a much shorter warranty than the best LED light bulbs offer.

The unique design of the Philips 10.5-watt Slim Style LED light bulb helps it stand out among the wide selection of LED bulbs available. While this design uses more power than the best LED lights, it is a decent choice as an incandescent bulb replacement, saving you money and providing ample indoor light for your home.