list broker services – That List Lady 2017

That List Lady is a mailing list broker company that can help you find an ideal list for your specific business. This company offers a variety of list types, including targeted lists and response lists. It also provides a variety of additional services, such as merging and purging lists, email marketing, data entry and more to help make your job a little easier.


This list broker service offers compiled and response mailing lists, and it has the resources to recommend and find the perfect list for your specific business. It has access to more than 40,000 business and consumer lists, which means you have plenty of options available. Additionally, when you work with a list broker such as That List Lady, experts will recommend a list that has the most potential to be successful and not just any generic or outdated list they stumble across. However, one drawback to using this mailing list service is that it does not offer any international lists.

That List Lady offers several additional services to make your mailing campaign run a little more smoothly. You can merge and purge mailing lists using this service. Data entry, data preparation and postal presorts are also available.

If you wish to reach a representative from this mailing list service, email and telephone options are available. There is no live chat support for immediate online assistance from representatives. We also could not find any online resources such as FAQs, videos or articles regarding this company???s services. Such resources would help you find answers on your own without having to reach out to representatives.

That List Lady is a worthwhile option for finding a mailing list to reach potential and current customers. The company provides a variety of list types and many additional services that make it stand out when compared to similar companies. That List Lady has much to offer, whether you are targeting consumers or businesses; it is a mail broker service that is well worth your consideration.