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Localize It is one of the most helpful and informative services we’ve found to get any kind of business noticed on a local business directory. Their primary goal is to take your growing business and make it stand out against the crowd. They are able to do this by adding your company’s information, website and anything else you desire to over 100 of the top search engines and directories.

Submission Features

Their “exclusive” package is what we based our review on, since it focuses 100% on getting your business noticed on local business directories. This package offers all of the basics we looked for, and even a few extras, which is why we gave it our approval. Localize It takes something simple, like your company’s basic contact information, and does everything in their power to get it noticed by thousands.

A good local business directory service will be able to take all the information you send them and get it online and noticed within just a few days. Localize It submits all your company’s information to each local business directory site manually, which helps build your credibility. A computer program inputs your information when there are simple updates to your address, phone number or other minor information.

Localize It will work on getting your business noticed on hundreds of different local business directories. This means that your chance of being found through search engines, directories, blogs and a variety of others sources is dramatically increased. Your information is added once manually and then updated on a monthly basis to ensure that your company’s information is current and up to date. Localize is states that your business will be found on 85% of all web searches.

Localize It submits your businesses information to a wide variety of well-known directories. The most common directories include sites like Google Maps, Yellow Pages, Yelp, MapQuest and hundreds more. One thing that makes this local business directory different from the others is its dedication to making sure that all of the company information is SEO-friendly and link-friendly. This makes getting traffic from these high-end search engines even easier because the content is right the first time. Localize It has a team of local business directory experts that know which sites will accept your business and which will produce the best results.

We were very pleased to see that all of the directories other than movie spots were included on their list. Covering all avenues of traffic ensures that people using phones, GPS systems or even online Yellow Pages will find your company. You will notice an immediate boost in the amount of traffic to your business after just a few short weeks. This is due to the fact that content-rich information is distributed to every possible local business directory.


Business listings are becoming extremely important since directories like Bing and Google Places are able to track down where people are searching from and give them accurate directions. If someone is in your area but your business doesn’t show up on mobile directories, there is a good chance you’ve lost a possible customer. Since this service uploads to mobile directories, GPS systems and even social networks, your business has a much better chance of being found on most search results.

Overall, this local business directory is able to not only provide hundreds of top-level directories for business submission, but it also produces results almost immediately. Localize It is a trusted partner of large data carriers which allows them to feed your information directly into these databases. This is ideal since all of the databases are trusted sources by the major publishers on the web. Your listings will show up on hundreds of other sites through this trusted sharing. Therefore, in the end your business shows up on well over a hundred local business directories with very little effort.

Localize It has the best reporting tools we have seen on any local business directory site. From the first time you submit your information, you will know what kind of traffic is coming your way. As soon as all your information is posted on the 100+ directories, you will receive a submission summary. You will also receive a “My Reputation Manager Score” which gives you a score based on the saturation and depth of directory listings. You may notice that the first reported number is a little lower, but in time this will grow as your company becomes more recognized.

Along with your submission summary, you will also notice two main steps that will help improve your score over the next few months. The first step is what the Localize It is doing to further improve your score. The second step is the one you will need to pay close attention to. Generally the suggestions in this section will include things you can do within your own business to improve reviews and ratings.

Your reports will also provide information on search engines and local search sites, detail what was added to each, report on ratings and reviews and show paid placements, if any. This detailed information allows you to update your employees on the progress. Overall, we were extremely pleased with the amount of detail and help this local business directory provides its customers.

Localize It has the quickest response time out of any local business directory service we reviewed. Their support features include email, phone number, online information, FAQs and chat support. We found that the easiest method to get detailed information is through a simple email. Response times are within 24 hours, which is very fast, and they supply a plethora of information. Live chat and the FAQs page are also excellent ways to get answers to common questions.


Localize It offers everything you need to be noticed on the majority of local business directories. Their extensive reports and helpful tips will allow you to expand your business and drive more people to your company. Your information is submitted to all of the highest trafficked and top directories to ensure that your company is noticed whenever someone searches for your kind of business. We were extremely pleased with the support from this company and feel that they are capable of answering any question you may have. This is one of the best local business directory services for any size business.