logo design software – Deluxe

The Deluxe logo design firm is not a typical logo design company. Deluxe is much more about developing your organization’s brand identity through marketing, search engine optimization, social media development and website design. Logo design is just part of what the company offers.


The starter package isn’t impressive, offering only four concepts with two revisions and two graphic designers. This means that each graphic designer will design two concept logos based on the details in your creative brief ??? this is the information you provide the project manager about your organization, which includes ideas you may have for the type of logo design you want and the types of values you’d like reflected in the design. Once you’ve chosen the logo you like from the four concepts, you’re only allowed two revisions.

If you’re worried that four concepts with only two revisions is too risky, especially since Deluxe doesn’t have a refund policy, then you can upgrade to their most popular package ??? the Silver package. This package includes six concept logos made by three graphic designers, and you get unlimited revisions on the logo you’ve chosen. This package also includes stationery design, which provides the layout designs with your new logo for business cards, letterheads, envelopes and fax sheets.

One of the biggest flaws with the Deluxe design firm is the online portfolio. There are only five logos. It’s important to take a critical eye to a logo design company’s online portfolio because you need to feel comfortable that the in-house graphic designers have the skill and experience necessary to develop the perfect logo to represent your company’s brand. Five logos is not enough to instill confidence.

Logo design isn’t the company’s priority and it shows with the other services ??? website design, search engine optimization, social media design, email marketing and printing. These services will help you develop and market your organization’s brand identity. Not many online logo design firms have this many services designed to get your logo out in the world for everyone to see, recognize and remember.

In addition, Deluxe offers to deliver your logo in every format available, including multiple vector files and bitmap files for the web. If there are files that you need that aren’t included, you can request the file and your project manager will provide it.

Deluxe’s miniscule five-logo portfolio, small number of concept logos and lack of a refund policy means that you can’t be sure you’ll come away with the logo that will represent your organization. However, the additional services are designed to get your logo and your brand to where people will see it. As such, you may consider having your logo designed elsewhere while using Deluxe to help build your brand presence.