mac hard drive recovery – Disk Drill Pro, 2017

508 Software developed Disk Drill Pro to be intuitive Mac hard drive recovery software that will rescue all types of files from all types of drives. Our tests showed that it gives you an exceptional chance of recovering photos and documents, but you’ll have far less success with video and music files. We also didn’t find anything particularly user-friendly with the interface, as it received average grades in our tests. However, the scan and recover speeds are above average, putting this bad experience behind you quicker than most hard drive recovery software for Macs.


We simulated two scenarios in our tests, a lost file and a reformatted drive. Then we analyzed the types of files that the software successfully recovered. The Disk Drill Pro rescued photos at a rate of 99 percent in both scenarios. The average success rate for lost photos among the programs we tested was also 99 percent. However, the average success rate for recovering photos from a reformatted drive in our tests was 98 percent. This 1 percent difference might seem insignificant, until you consider that 1 percent of a 1TB hard drive is 10GB. This small percentage can be the difference of thousands of photos recovered that other products failed to recover.

Disk Drill Pro also had an exceptional success rate when recovering documents. In the lost file scenario, it recovered 100 percent of the documents. For reference, the average success rate among the products in our tests for this scenario was 76 percent. In the reformatted drive scenario, the success rate dipped to 86 percent, but even this was 5 percent above average. Disk Drill Pro is one of the best solutions on the market for recovering a document, though it’s still not comparable to the top Mac hard drive recovery apps in our review.

The one significant downside to Disk Drill Pro’s performance is the recovery rate for the video and music files. During the lost file scenario, it recovered only 55 percent of the media files. This recovery rate improved to 60 percent during the reformatted drive test. However, both success rates are well below the average for the Mac hard disk recovery software in our review.

Like many Mac hard drive recovery apps, Disk Drill Pro markets itself as the most user-friendly one on the market. However, in our tests, it received B’s for the installation and the scan stages of software, which is average. The installation took longer than 10 minutes to complete, and there were too many steps to initiate a scan. The recover stage received an A, as our tester was able to find the recover button quickly, allowing him to initiate the recovery almost immediately after the scan finished. The scan and recovery speeds are also above average. This means that you’ll be able to move through the process quicker.

For recovering photos or documents, Disk Drill Pro is one of the better Mac data recovery solutions available. However, it doesn’t recover video and music files with the same success. The software has average ease of use for the installation and the scan, but the recover stage is where it’s exceptionally intuitive for a novice user.