mac productivity software – Things

So, you’re ready to take the plunge and purchase a Mac productivity software app, to help get your home and work life better organized. Things, from Cultured Code, is very easy-to-use software that will help you manage your tasks. It’s the best app at a great price for its many powerful features, so it earns our approval. Our only issue with this product is that you need to buy the iPhone or iPad app as well to be able to properly sync to those iOS devices.

Ease of Use

One of the most important things when it comes to using Mac productivity software is how easy it is to use the app. The great news with Things is that you can start using the app immediately, without cracking open the user manual. But we still recommend reading it to get the most out of Things.

Within minutes of downloading, registering and opening Things productivity software for Mac, we were adding and scheduling a variety to-dos and tasks, related to both work (write the Things review) and home (take dog to vet on Tuesday) scheduling and organizing them into the different categories.

Things, Cultured Code’s Mac productivity software app, has a simple, streamlined user interface, which makes it easy to quickly create to-do lists then schedule, manage and organize them, including dropping them into specific categories.

The user interface of Things is laid out very much like the Finder window in Mac OS X, which makes it much easier to navigate through this Mac productivity software app. There is a large area in the center of the interface where you’ll be inputting your to-do lists and any further details.

On the left side is the navigation window, where you find categories such as Collect (Inbox), Focus (Today, Next, Scheduled, Someday and Projects) and Areas. There’s also a logbook near the bottom where all completed tasks will reside, along with a trash can at the very bottom.; The Collect category, where your inbox resides, is probably where you’ll write most of your to-dos and tasks. We recommend using the Things quick-entry panel, which can be accessed via a special shortcut. So you can be doing just about any other task, like email or word processing, and quickly add in to-dos without leaving the other app.

Schedule & Management Tools

While in the inbox, you can organize the to-dos by the type, such as home, work, errands and so on. You can change the order in which you wish to do them, or drop them into different categories. This is also an important feature for any organizational software for Mac.

When you add in a new to-do item, you can also link to a document, folder, file, website address or even an email. This is especially handy if your boss sends detailed instructions for a task you need to do. Just drag the email into the new to-do item so when you need to tackle the task, the instructions are there.

You can also add comments in the Notes section, set the due date and add in a tag. The tag will specify the type of to-do item, time estimate and a priority status. You can also set the to-do or project up in the Area section with a regular due date, such as a weekly or monthly task, like giving a pet its flea medicine, or a special meeting the first Monday of the month at work.

The Focus section is where you’ll be putting the various to-dos into special categories to stay better organized. These include Today, Next, Scheduled, Someday and Projects. Today is for all your to-dos that need to be done that day, obviously.

Next is the category to put your to-do items in consecutive order that need to be done relatively soon, but not necessarily at that moment. Scheduled is for tasks that you will need to do in the future, like a business trip, meeting with your child’s teacher and so on.

Someday is for those tasks that you’ll get around to, such as buying a new car, reupholstering your furniture and the like. If you know you’ll need to do it at some point but don’t have a specific time picked out, write it down and place it in that category. When your couch finally falls apart, move it to the appropriate category and add a tag, due date and so on.

Sync Options

The Projects category is good for breaking up larger projects into incremental to-dos, such as planning a family reunion or a big project at work. You can easily break down each to-do item to make it more manageable and organized in one area. This will then show up in the Next category.

Many of the features in Things are found in similar Mac productivity software apps that we looked at, but we feel Things does it best – and at an affordable price. Plus, as we mentioned above, the software is very easy to use. We were able to start listing and managing many to-dos and tasks right after we downloaded and opened the app for the first time.

Help & Support

Being able to organize the to-dos into various categories and types (work, home, errands, school, etc.) is where Things Mac productivity software really shines. We also like that you can open and add your to-do items in the Things quick-entry panel without having to leave an app you’re currently working in. This is a nice found in other software productivity tools for Mac.

It’s important that a Mac productivity software app can easily sync to apps, such as iCal, and mobile or handheld devices, like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Things syncs without a problem to iCal, to help you stay better on top of the tasks you set up. You can also sync via Apple MobileMe or Bonjour.

The downside to this software is that you need to buy a copy of Things for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to sync between these devices and the Mac version. That’s certainly a drawback, but the good news is the price is very affordable and the mobile apps are fully functional versions of the software. Plus, each version of Things is specifically optimized to that device, making it easier to use.

Cultured Code offers plenty of help options on their website for their flagship Mac productivity software to help get you started. These include a user manual, a FAQs page, user forums, tutorials and even a Wiki to find more information.


If you need tech support, you can email Cultured Code to ask for help with a problem, or tell them what you think and give them feature requests. If there’s a bug with the software or something that’s not working right, let them know; they can repair the problem for everyone in the next update.

Cultured Code’s Things Mac productivity software is an excellent way to handle your tasks so you never forget a meeting, a doctor’s appointment or an errand you need to run. Every day, you discover new items to put on your to-do list, and this is the best way to organize them in one app. While we wish you didn’t have to buy the iPhone or iPad app separately to sync to those devices, the prices are low enough to make it worthwhile.