mac video converter – AVCWare Video Converter 2017

In the world of Mac video converters, it’s easy to find virtually identical applications. What happens is that a software company creates a video converter for Mac and licenses that program to a number of software distributors who are looking to fill out their portfolio. This is the case with AVCWare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. This application has several clones on our side-by-side comparison chart. That doesn’t mean it’s a substandard application; it just means you can find it elsewhere flying under a different brand name.


This application gives you the ability to convert video files from one format to another. You simply import (or drag and drop) your video files into the application, select a device or format from the preprogrammed output profile library and click start. If you’re using this software to optimize a video on your computer for playback on your smartphone, tablet or gaming system, this Mac video converter is a good choice. It’s a relatively simple affair if you know what you want going in.

The software also contains some basic video editing features. For example, after you’ve loaded some footage into the software, you can trim away footage that you don’t want from the clip. This is a handy feature if you want to upload a single scene from a movie-length video to a sharing site like YouTube. The software also has tools that enable you to join two separate videos together. Additionally, you can convert 2D footage into 3D footage as well as add some basic effect filters. All these editing features are nice, but they don’t provide a lot of the granular controls that are necessary to create a truly unique video experience. You need to buy a full-featured video editor for that.

The conversion process itself goes by rather quickly. In our test, converting a five-minute HD video to a format optimized for an iPod took less than a minute. The quality of the converted video was excellent; there was no quality loss whatsoever.

AVCWare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is a fine choice if you want to create video files that are tailor made for your devices. It’s very simple to learn and use and even offers some basic video editing features. However, that simplicity means that it lacks any true innovation that could elevate it above the competition and make it a unique application.