maintenance management software – DPSI iMaint 2017

DPSI iMaint has many standout features that make it a strong enterprise asset management solution ideal for facility managers and other personnel. This software can track several aspects of your facility including assets, inventory, work orders and more. It also provides many additional features that can enhance its functionality such as permission settings, custom reporting tools and notifications regarding work activity. However, a big drawback to this CMMS system is its lack of supplementary customer support.


This facility maintenance management solution allows you to easily track all of your assets. You can store asset information such as warranty data, equipment specifications and maintenance history. Additionally, you have the ability to track your inventory, labor, personnel and recent purchases.

You can track all work orders using this system. You can schedule specific tasks, plan preventive maintenance jobs and prioritize work orders and assign them to employees. Additionally, you can track all costs and budget information and receive notifications regarding work activity.

DPSI iMaint has the ability to limit or grant access to certain information from employees. In addition, you can customize reports and access a complete audit trail regarding all work activity.

Mobile access for this maintenance management software is available through a mobile application that you can download onto your mobile devices. Another additional module includes iMaint Web, which allows you to access this facility management software from any internet browser. This is a beneficial tool but we were disappointed that it must be an add-on module.

The greatest drawback to this software is its customer support. We sent several inquiries to the company and we did not receive any response. We also couldn???t find online resources such as FAQs, videos and brochures. Furthermore, we could not find any live chat support or user guides to learn how to more fully utilize the software and all of its included features.

DPSI iMaint has many features that make it a powerful CMMS solution. However, several features must be added to the application and are not integrated directly with the software. Additionally, the customer support we received from this company was poor. If you are only looking for basic features, DPSI iMaint may be worth your consideration.