marine speakers – Infinity 612m 2017

Infinity is one of the most respected speaker brands under the Harman International umbrella of loudspeaker brands. However, as with many speaker manufacturers, the marine audio products are slim pickings with just two speakers – 612m and 6912m. We reviewed the 612m, which is a 6.5-inch marine speaker designed to be installed in the cockpit or cabin of your boat. The audio quality and power handling lives up to the Infinity brand.


We tested the Infinity on a variety of music styles and found the audio quality to be among the best we reviewed. In our audio performance tests, which tested the accuracy of speaker as it played a 20Hz to 20kHz sine wave, it scored an 95-percent in the low-range frequencies, a 85-percent in the midrange frequencies and a 83-percent in the high-range frequencies. The mids and treble are very balanced, though the bass often overpowers them. You’ll be hard-pressed to find marine speakers with better audio, especially at this price point.

One of the best features is the high sensitivity rating. With a 92 dB sensitivity rating, it’s among the most efficient speakers for converting power to volume output. The average sensitivity rating for marine speakers is 90 dB, which is 66 percent less efficient when you consider that every 3 dB increase in volume requires an exponential increase in power.

The continuous power handling is 75 watts, which is slightly above average. With the high sensitivity rating, the 612m puts that power to good use, so you don’t have to worry about it not being loud enough. It’s definitely loud enough to reach past the wake.

The biggest downside to the Infinity 612m is the lack of ASTM certification for fog, salt and UV resistance. The woofer, tweeter, grille and frame are made of stiff polypropylene, which is an ideal material for marine use because it doesn’t degrade or warp when exposed to water. Infinity markets the speaker as being resistant to UV and moisture, but the lack of ASTM certification is disconcerting. The best marine speakers go through comprehensive testing to ensure they meet the ASTM standards for marine use.

The Infinity 612m is one of the best-sounding marine speakers we reviewed. The audio has excellent clarity without sacrificing fullness. The high sensitivity rating combined with the slightly above-average continuous power handling makes it one of the loudest boat speakers available for the cockpit. It’s one of the best marine speakers available, especially at this price point.